Pros and Cons of various tech companies

Cons: Ridiculously high prices, perfected the walled garden, anti-repair
Pros: Major industry trendsetter (iPhone, M1, etc.), better on privacy than competition

Cons: Extremely creepy surveillance, slowly destroying Internet standards, can't rely on them
Pros: Accurate search results, Android is less of a walled garden

Cons: The worst possible surveillance, buys up and corrupts promising competitors, destroying democracy
Pros: ???


Although this post was mainly meant as a jab against Facebook, here's Amazon and MS to round out the pack:

Cons: treats massive number of workers like expendable robots, slowly destroying all competition in the "everything" industry, AWS is an overpriced hot mess that somehow makes them all the money
Pros: They aren't kidding about the whole "customer obsession" thing

Cons: Has too many sins to count due to long history
Pros: Helps keep the relatively open PC platform popular

@urusan Be honest, there really is no pro for Facebook. They are as classic Saturday morning cartoon villain as a tech company can get.
Even the benefit of talking with friends and old acquaintances can be had on any other platform with the same quality if not better. Facebook just has a monopoly on social media.


>Pros: They aren't kidding about the whole "customer obsession" thing

This is the dilemma I find with them. Customer service is *consistently* higher quality than most local companies (even big ones), a trusted mutual on here who lives in Northern England pointed out their work conditions are no more dysfunctional than many existing online retailers in that region - they also seem to be used by smaller UK businesses as a "customer service/quality management" unit...

@vfrmedia It's hard for me to really give a really accurate answer here, because the situation in the UK could be different from the situation in the US (labor laws can make a huge difference). However, what you're saying sounds plausible.

Here in the US, Amazon is notorious for being a difficult employer to work for, though there are other comparably exploitative retail employers, like Walmart.

Really though, we need to improve the labor situation at all these companies.

@vfrmedia As for small businesses, the benefits they get are often a double edged sword.

From what I understand, their relationship with small business has a lot in common with the model AWS uses: you can either do it on the cheap, but you have to deal with technically complex aspects of Amazon's specific logistics system that they really have no incentive to can pay a whole lot for them to manage it all for you!

@vfrmedia Amazon also uses market data collected from small businesses dealings to figure out which industry to disrupt next. So, you're kind of painting a target sign on your back.

@vfrmedia At least, that's what I heard, I'm not an expert in this area.

@urusan Amazon in the UK does seem to at least begrudgingly acknowledge trade unions (not sure if officially recognised, but GMB union does seem to have enough clout to criticise them) and accept safety regulations (I noticed they split deliveries if you are buying things like solvent based cleaner so the vehicles aren't overloaded with the stuff).

UK small businesses seem to be able to comply with their requirements /and/ also trade independently (at least for car detailing products) >>

@urusan Amazon have /tried/ to introduce their own brands; but in this country someone who cleans their own car tends to be fussy about what products they use and there are already good established British and European brands. Sometimes in parcels I get a card for purchasing direct from the company (which Amazon UK doesn't try to prevent). They have more control over the market for things like small electronics as those are very rarely made in UK/Europe (unlike vehicle related stuff...)

@urusan to be fair, this does not mention softbank, twocent...

Those scare me as well for very similar reasons.

@urusan stop selling their snake oil, those things you call pros are not in any way pros. It's like if someone came into your home, pointed a gun at you and went "you don't get to pee, unless I tell you", and then someone else does the same and goes "you can go pee whenever you want" and you go "wow, that's a pro!"

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