Nice to see that the vast majority of my website is loaded from my CDN. At this point, the caching is so good that it's practically a static site.

Also really interesting that only 1% of my site is actual HTML! That's surprising.

I love how my site looks with the fonts, but my goodness, with them being 85% of the total content, maybe I need to rethink...

Then again, the entire site is pretty quick (~400ms), so maybe I should just leave it. 🙂

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@kev This article is always relevant in situations like this one

You're already ahead of the curve as you're thinking about this issue and measuring it instead just assuming that it's fine.

If possible, you should fix that one fat asset that's the bottleneck, and it sounds like other posters have given excellent advice here. However, if doing so starts to sop up lots of time, it probably is okay. Your user might even have the font cached already if it's common.

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