I can see the faint outline of greatness in my mind's eye. A new paradigm that the people of the future will take for granted.

Of course matter is made of atoms and germs cause disease, how could it be otherwise?

Yet I can't grasp it myself, I am too deeply embedded.

Meta.@dump 1+2*3+4
head: Symbol call
args: Array{Any}((4,))
1: Symbol +
2: Int64 1
3: Expr
head: Symbol call
args: Array{Any}((3,))
1: Symbol *
2: Int64 2
3: Int64 3
4: Int64 4

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Behold! Julia's True Form!
julia> ex = :(1+2*3+4)
:(1 + 2 * 3 + 4)
julia> Meta.show_sexpr(ex)
(:call, :+, 1, (:call, :*, 2, 3), 4)

Oh...that just worked...cool:
function make_function(x)
function function_to_be_created(y)
println("x:$x y:$y")

myfunction = make_function(100)
x:100 y:200

Part 2 of the moving to space poll!

Where would you want to live the most in the Inner Planets region?

Orbit is also a choice for all of these, but I'm explicitly calling out solar orbit and Earth orbit.

You know that one guy who is obsessed with that one idea?

I'm that guy, and the idea is "everyone is trapped inside a computer!"

It's time to move to space! What kind of habitat would you prefer?

I used to provide a poll/puzzle almost every day...but then I ran out of ideas!

Have some science reporting on how the brain processes programming: youtu.be/xPecMsFmEm4

TL;DW programming is not language or math, though people who learned it when they were young's brains do treat it in a more language-like way.


New made up word:

It's a fusion of nudge and modules.

What sci-fi prediction are you very confident about in the next 50 years?

That is, if you brought up the idea today, people would say it's sci-fi, but you have high confidence it will become a reality.


We are also unsure as to why the people posting this are seemingly getting such consistent results.

Leaving aside some sort of collusion among the RF conspiracy crowd, our assumption is that the people doing this experiment are dumping near-boiling water on their plants. There's probably also a selection bias, as anyone who doesn't kill their plants is probably not posting about it on social media.

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My wife was telling me this morning about a new(?) piece of misinformation she's been seeing online recently.

Basically, the premise is that it's an "experiment" you can do at home: you microwave water and if you water your plants with it, they die.

The people spreading this then conclude that microwaves are the culprit and that microwaved water is thus dangerous to humans.

Has anyone else seen this?


Researching this topic more, it turns out that putting potentially toxic alum in bread (and other foods) is indeed still a common practice in the US, and is/was in the UK (and likely carried over to other Anglo countries too). It's the third ingredient in the baking powder I have in my pantry.

The EU banned it outside of extremely narrow uses in 2012, noting that it was a UK-only thing. This legislation no longer applies post-Brexit, but the practice might not have survived this period.

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My wife and I were watching a show where they have families running Victorian-era shops. They were talking about how the bakers of the era would adulterate their bread with sawdust, plaster of paris, alum, etc.

Me: Aren't you glad they don't put alum in our bread nowadays?
Wife: Yeah, or sawdust, yuck!
Me: Well, about that...
Wife: Wait, what are we eating that contains sawdust? And why?
Me: So many processed things. To save money, just like the Victorians.
Wife: ...well, I suppose it is fiber.

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