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Alright Internet, post your best advice for being funny and telling good jokes (either in person or online):

You know that feeling, right? When you look at your network setup and think: "What on Earth was I thinking when I set this up?"

What do you call anarchist cats, Anarcats?

With few exceptions, an efficient market will be in the business of putting itself out of business.

My older ways of thinking are hard to change.

I got a new server computer today, one of those tiny, hard to expand ones.

Then I suddenly realized that I needed 2 network cards for the thing I want to do with it!

Then I realized that I can just get a $30 USB 3 to Ethernet adapter!

I always get a little nervous when I use dd...

To clarify, this poll assumes there's no rule about wearing masks at the venue.

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I went to Costco today and about 50% of the customers were not wearing masks.

When will you stop wearing masks at crowded venues like stores?

Fun Facts 

My wife was ready to send me to sleep on the couch over "Purple is not real", but I talked her out of it.

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Fun Facts 

* Purple is not real
* Humans and horses are the only animals that use sweat for cooling
* Time is not a single linear timeline, due to relativity
* The Internet routes around damage because it was designed to survive a nuclear war
* We're all in this thing together

Cryptocurrency joke 

Me: *shows wife poll about predicting tomorrow's news, which turned out to be cryptocurrency related*
Wife: Wait, are you taking bets about tomorrow's news?
Me (jokingly): No, but that's a great idea! We can even make a cryptocoin around the idea!

Potatoes tend to be near the bottom price-wise.

Is the potato the least valuable vegetable? Or the most valuable vegetable?

I'm learning Kotlin to fill a specific need and really liking it thus far.

joys of homeownership, bad word, gross 

After mowing the lawn
Me (To Wife): Hmm, and what else...oh yeah, some animal broke into our yard, knocked over our bench, and shat all over our patio stairs.
Wife: ...what?
Me: Well, it's not human poop.

USPOL idea 

While writing this, I realized that the NSF was created with something like this in mind. However, the head leadership of the NSF is appointed by the president and they are completely dependent on yearly federal funding. So, they are basically a typical government agency, even if they are technically an independent agency.

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USPOL idea 

The EPA released its report/data on climate change for the first time since 2016.

This reminded me of how the Trump administration dismantled the EPA.

I wonder if it would be a good idea to split off some of the responsibilities of the civil service into chartered foundations that don't rely on federal funding, to insulate them from politics.

For instance, the EPA has a $8.8 billion/year budget. Using the 4% rule, $220 billion would be enough to create an independent foundation.

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