I think we're seriously heading towards general intelligence in AI.

Generative art 

Prompt: corgis on the moon

Generative art 

Prompt: origami corgis on a boat

Generative art 

Prompt: origami anime girl

Generative art, meta 

Unsurprisingly, Dall-E makes a great melting clock.

Generative art, depiction of anger 

Prompt: that guy is so angry

Well, I was able to access dall-e mini this morning, but it looks like they're overwhelmed now.

Wife's father: [Toddler] should never have a mullet!

Wife: [Toddler], you can totally have a mullet.
Toddler: *Sudden tantrum outburst*


Also, the main reason US politics is so dysfunctional right now is that it's one gigantic gridlock fabric of power struggles.

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A bit of parenting advice I heard recently is "As soon as something becomes a power struggle with your toddler, there's no hope."

The actual underlying advice is simply that you should avoid getting into power struggles in the first place, it'll make your life a lot easier.

Well, I realized that this advice applies in the adult world too. Power struggles rarely have a peaceful or productive resolution.

Machiavelli's "The Prince" was never meant to be used as an instruction manual!

What's your hottest computer-related hot take?

Did you know that it's extremely hard to get to the sun?

Like, even if you don't care about what happens when you reach the sun, it takes a lot of delta-v/fuel just to go from the Earth to the Sun.

Wife: You know, Ariel was better off under the sea...

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It's raining outside. Toddler wants to go outside. I let him outside under our awning, but inevitably I have to bring him inside when that's not enough.
Me: It's better inside, it's not raining.
Wife: Yeah, it's so wet out there.
Toddler: *Throws a tantrum*
Me (to wife): Well, you know, this situation is like the basis for a Disney song about us keeping our kid away from his dreams.
Wife: What?
Me: You know, like 🎶Under the sea, under the sea!🎶
Wife: Lol. 🎶Stay Indoors, stay indoors!🎶

What is the earliest time you would wake up, rather than trying to go back to sleep?

If you are doing shift work, use the time that would apply if you had a day job (or no job).

Wife: My friend says a sample size of 91 doesn't make a scientific study. She's wrong.
Me: True, if you had a pill that successfully cured HIV in 91 out of 91 patients, then that would be highly significant.

The elites don't want you to know this, but you can buy claw machine rubber ducks wholesale, I have 458 ducks.

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