Big accomplishment this evening: finally removed all documents and personal info from drive.

No more:
Gmail - ✅️ (fastmail)
Gmaps - ✅️ (openstreet map)
Google Search - ✅️ (searx)
Google Analytics - ✅️ (none)
Chrome - ✅️ (brave or firefox)
Drive - ✅️ (NAS in the basement + Dropbox backup)

Next step is review to see what other Google products I'm forgetting.

Google keep -
Google analytics -
Android - LineageOS (or others)
Dropbox is as bad as Google drive and DB is linked to MS.

@Horizon_Innovations I'm not thrilled with Dropbox either, but I've been using them for over a decade and getting all of the family's content off of there is going to take a while.

I'm fighting the Surveillance Capitalism war one battle at a time :)

@unl0ckd @Horizon_Innovations a (possibly) quicker alternative to moving everything could be to encrypt it. At least you wouldn't need to find another host...

I'm going with an Asustor NAS with Nextcloud app far since it comes with a document server, it has it's own version of google docs/sheet/etc.
My question is: What did you do about android? Ubuntu Touch? Libre phone?

@evander Nice! I'm a HUGE fan of or (I think they're changing the naming) - it's the most solid software I've ever used and the plugin/module ecosystem is very inclusive (they have a Nextcloud instance I'm evaluating).

So the war against Surveillance Capitalism is fought one battle at a time. I still use an iPhone. I rely heavily on my phone for MFA. Next phone will not be for a long time, so I want to see how the PinePhone and Librem mature over the next couple of years.

@unl0ckd For phones I kept my Asus Zenfone 5. But I'm using as much Fdroid and Aurora store stuff as I can. It works out really well with Nextcloud groupware, like calendar, tasks, contacts, sharing files, document server/Onlyoffice client. The only downside to Aurora store from Fdroid is that you can't download non-free apps like teamspeak. Asustor Nas started going heavy with docker container backends for their Asustor Apps. It should expand their app availability really well with that.

@unl0ckd I am a bit unsure about some of the selections of products on the webpage...zoom...slack...medium...?

However, good start. 🙂

@unl0ckd as much as nomoregoogle is a good resource, is substantially better.

@unl0ckd protip: download your data from and check what they still have on file. Make sure to clear the trashes!

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