Hi friends!

I've been a lifelong lurker in the community. I've always wanted to contribute in some meaningful way, but I don't have too much experience coding outside of the shell. I do have some prior experience in and but my interests are and .

My career is in information/cybersecurity and I'm a decent technical writer or reviewer.

How can I get started making an impact?

@unl0ckd Well since you said you are interested in LISP I would give it a look.

@unl0ckd There's multiple ways of contributing to open source projects (or any project) that doesn't involve programming. You can help with things like support, documentation, translations and promoting the project.

@hund @unl0ckd

> My career is in information/cybersecurity and I'm a decent technical writer or reviewer.

Then write a easy to understand tutorial / documentation about desktop / network security for people ... in days of privacy violations probably interesting.

@hund @unl0ckd I second that. You can also apply your skills in security to foss projects by doing assessments, provide counseling to developers on how to improve those aspects, etc. I would say, don't overthink too much what contributing is. If you see something that can be improved and know how to do it, that is a valuable contribution to foss.

@unl0ckd There's never enough documentation. You could improve docs while learning the language. e.g. ensure that all Rust functions, even small ones, have an example. Contributing doccomments is relatively easy.

@unl0ckd There's usually not enough documentation, as people have noted. In particular, since you mentioned Lisp (I presume you mean Common Lisp), people often complain about Lisp libraries being underdocumented. See e.g. for regular reviews of Lisp libraries; some reviews mention documentation that leaves something to be desired.

@unl0ckd great toot. 👏 We at the non-profit association would love to chat with you, see our website. We are a small group of very friendly engineers creating GPLv3 software and you have great & matching skills.

There's a lot of projects that really needs decent docs. Developers hate documentation even though it improves uptake. It's a valuable skill, I need to contribute more docs too.

@unl0ckd IMHO it's easiest and most interesting to contribute to the things you already use. Is there any project that you could contribute to that you are a user of?

@jaywink It's been intimidating so far, since previously I'd only ever used git as a personal VCS.

I've found which has been a great resource for actually teaching the motions of the fork > clone > edit > PR workflow and has some pointers to other projects as well!

I've been looking through the repos for the projects I use on a daily basis trying to find some low-hanging fruit :)

Again, I really appreciate everyone's recommendations - keep them coming please!

@unl0ckd come and join our IRC/Matrix at there's always something to get done. :)

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