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Threat intel is like staring into the abyss... and just staring and staring and staring.

Show HN: It's Been That Long – Compare your favourite movie to an even older one -

Hello, good afternoon, yes, sorry for the bother, but...

Someone needs to make this, please? So that I might give them all the money.

VS Code heading for Github codespaces only? From one of the original developers:

"..If I think about this process like an amplitude, we had large swings in either web or desktop direction, but we are getting closer to converging to just web as the solution for everything."

I remember a time when online mass-surveillance was a crazy conspiracy theory.

I don't know if you're on here, Willi, but this was an excellent walkthrough post of changing subvolumes in :

High-quality information!

@unl0ckd This seems completely reasonable to me. Politics aside, institutions of great wealth and privilege, like universities should contribute back to the society that makes them possible. Also reasonable would be using the great wealth to rebate back to the students that are now mired in student loan debt.

Washington Post (aka Jeff Bezos' blog) suggests that instead of taxing the weatlhy, we should tax charities and academic institutions:


Feeling blessed that I'm happy to return to work after a great week off with the family!

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