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@unl0ckd Mine is rebound to Super and functions as an ESC outside of key combinations (thanks xcape)

My Valentine's Day gift to the community:

Remap capslock to <L-CTRL>

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Put tmux on my machine. Going to have to get used to it. I like the panes so I can have multiple sessions going for development and stuff. Need to work out the styling of it. Can’t figure out the TPM stuff for some reason. Probably overlooking something simple. Any users help a newb out?

2/2 I would also like to packet capture traffic from just vscode, but am not hip to the latest tools that might enable that. / peeps: what's the easiest way to do this that doesn't involve parsing loads of tcpdump / tshark captures?

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For those of you using / and have disabled telemetry:
- Do you trust that code doesn't send any other info to ?
- Have you validated this with packet capturing/reviewing telemetry.log?
- Is it worth the effort of setting up vscodium as an alternate?

I'm exploring vscode/codium as an alternate to emacs, and I'm reasonably reassured by, however, it IS

I guess I'll use vscode for a while and review telemetry.log 1/2

I think the ecosystem needs more application firewall apps but don't have the skills to write any.

How does one go about championing for a solution in the space?

I have officially hit information and stress overload for #2020

Ordered a last week, and I'm excited for it to arrive!

I over-paid for the actual components that went into the system, but I'm at a stage in life where I can accept the financial implications of supporting causes I believe in.

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Want another way to participate in this year's #DayAgainstDRM? Sign onto our comments for new anti-circumvention exceptions to the DMCA, helping us weaken DRM by supporting each and every proposed exemption.

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Did you know that #Apple tracks pretty much every activity of every user on their devices - and within the scope of #PRISM also #NSA & Co have access to it?

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All of talks about "Privacy first" feels kind of hollow now. Apparently some apps in the latest version bypasses users choice in regards of firewall and VPN. I wonder when iOS gets the treatment of .

At least that leaves as a more simple choice for people valuing their privacy.

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What's the one thing every web user can do to fight #SurveillanceCapitalism ?

Replace the Google Chrome browser

I've started a new website to send a message to Google that we prefer the internet without them


This is the kind of story we need, especially today:

and each other. John 13:34

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