I jokingly pointed out how a co-workers OS doesn't respect his freedom by way of It rebooting itself in the middle of his work. He took the comment personally and I received several walls of text in response defending the behavior.

Is this digital stockholm syndrome?

The use case is:
Some applications I trust more than others. I want to restrict network communications specifically for the apps I don't trust.
The Linux firewall ecosystem seems to operate under the assumption that if the user opens a port, they are consenting to all programs having equal access to send traffic over that port. I don't. I want to allow my web browser and a select few others to allow outbound 443, for instance. I don't want to open 443 outbound for all apps on the system.

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I'm genuinely surprised there doesn't appear to be a Linux equivalent of Little Snitch for macOS. It's an application firewall that alerts the user when an application makes an outbound network connection and gives the user the ability to allow or deny the connection based on domain, port, duration, and more.
OpenSnitch was supposed to work like this, but it's been discontinued.
Is anyone aware of other projects?

Hello friends!

My first post on my switch from macOS to Linux is up at chrislockard.net/posts/2020-05. This is my second tiny contribution to free and open source software, but I have a lot more to say on the subject!

My goal was to be information dense, without too much subjectivity (not sure I succeeded at that last bit!).

I'd appreciate any feedback!

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When even Cloudflare removes a Google product replacing it with an independent alternative to "address a privacy concern inherent to relying on a Google service"...

You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.


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I'm codifying thoughts for a blog post on the topic, but my first month exclusively on Linux after 13 years has been amazing!

I am floored at how much different the experience is since I tried running Gutsy Gibbon as a full-time desktop replacement.

Even gaming has been as-good-as if not better than gaming on Windows 10! (thanks to and !)

If you've been holding out (as I was simply because I was under the impression I couldn't game) you've been missing out!

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@unl0ckd IMHO it's easiest and most interesting to contribute to the things you already use. Is there any project that you could contribute to that you are a user of?

Backing up my old NTFS disk to my NAS. There's about 10 years of data on here, and I'm certain there's duplicates due to the way I've changed my organizational habits over the years.

What are some good network based (or FreeNAS-based) de-duplication applications?

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Smells Like Teen Spirit.

An utterly brilliant song that moves you on a primal level.

However, if you want to know exactly how genius it is, watch this guy, youtu.be/l1ZnWc-sFd0

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List of projects I want to work on but find it hard to find time or motivation when and if I do have the time 

- Completely redo my selfhosting server setup (this involves a lot of different things)
- eink pocket computer
- PocketCHIP tweaking
- More Home Assistant integrated cameras and sensors

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So are implementing this groundbreaking new feature. Sorry guys, we’ve had this on since the beginning.


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It's only discourse if it's from the Discour region of France. Otherwise it's known as sparkling meta.

Hi friends!

I've been a lifelong lurker in the community. I've always wanted to contribute in some meaningful way, but I don't have too much experience coding outside of the shell. I do have some prior experience in and but my interests are and .

My career is in information/cybersecurity and I'm a decent technical writer or reviewer.

How can I get started making an impact?

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Good Evening/Morning/Afternoon
New member here. Was lately digging online privacy and data collection and Foss stumbled upon mastadon <3

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"Senate Votes to Allow FBI to Look at Your Web Browsing History"

Must be an interesting day at the different VPN providers with such great marketing opportunities being given to them by external circumstances.



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