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🐘 If you tried Mastodon and you "got bored" quickly, you were using it wrong.

Here's how to fix it:

: snouts (thanks to

"Black lemurs pollinate flowers when they stick their snouts in to drink nectar.

(Image: Charles J Sharp)"​


: aplomb (thanks to

"for @WeAreMel i shared my opinions about what your preferred dipping sauce says about you as a person 💋"​

"special thanks are due to my dear friend and former mcdonalds employee @sitaradidi who handled my demand for mcdonald’s commentary with aplomb"


: flit (thanks to

"Lily James getting to just be pretty and flit from rich white man to rich white man every other week is honestly the dream I want that energy"​


September Blog Update Time!

- We're an Arm ecosystem partner now!
- New and improved Pine Store upcoming

- production delay due to LCD shortage

- new image releases

- Manjaro CE preorders start Sept. 17

- camera developments

- p-boot multi-image loader

The 1996 website for #Babylon5 is mostly archived and I love it.

Click the big logo to enter because that's how we used to roll back on the day.

This reveals (or reminds) fun things like how Warner Bros used to host an official IRC server for fans of their shows and 360" panoramas of the sets in Quicktime VR.

Best viewed in Netscape 3! ☄️​


Now playing: Pop Will Eat Itself: Box Frenzy

(I mistakenly avoided anything prior to "This is the day..." because I picked up their Radio One sessions album and it was middling new wave. Box Frenzy is way better.

: protuberance (thanks to

"Word of the Day: UMBO, n. the knob-like protuberance at the centre of a mushroom.
(Image: Paul Derbyshire)"​


: pingle (thanks to

"Word of the day: PINGLE - to work in such a useless, unhelpful way such that everyone else actually has to do more work"​


: oenological (thanks to

""Ebulliomètre": This oenological tool created in 1870 was used until 1970-1980 to measure wine alcohol content. Calibration is made according to water boiling temperature & wine boiling temperature is used to determine the level of alcohol using a reference table. I bought one!"​


: skeuomorphism (thanks to

"Word of the Day SKEUOMORPHISM - using real-world technology as graphic iconography e.g. the floppy disk representing ‘Save’."​


: retronym (thanks to

"Word of the Day: RETRONYM — a term for the original version of something which becomes necessary after the invention of a new version of the thing. For instance, ‘acoustic guitar’, ‘broadcast TV’, ‘hardcover book’ or ‘silent film’."​


: somniloquise (thanks to

"Word of the Day: SOMNILOQUISE - to talk in one’s sleep."​


: autological (thanks to

"Word of the Day: AUTOLOGICAL - a word that expresses a property it also possesses. For example, 'word', 'pentasyllabic' or "short"."​


: bofflement (thanks to

"Word of the Day: BOFFLEMENT - a bother or perplexity."​


: paraleipsis (thanks to

"Word of the Day: PARALEIPSIS - mentioning something by saying you won’t mention it"​


: prattle (thanks to

"making orange juice from concentrate, but with only half a cup of water, to own the people who prattle on constantly about how strong they like their coffee"​


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