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: encroaching (thanks to

"I'm so not a flower person, but the colours in this thing are gorgeous. Got to make something with this palette!
Thanks, random stumpy front garden rose bush stubbornly holding the fence against encroaching bougainvillea."​


: fribbler (thanks to

"Word of the Day: FRIBBLER n. – an 18th century term for someone who refuses to commit. Also, a ‘fribbler’ was guilty of ‘fribbledom’."​


: scoot (thanks to

Omigosh, I've been doing this ever since I decided it was time to scoot back to Australia."​


: groke (thanks to

"Word of the day: GROKE, v. an Old Scots word meaning to to gaze at somebody while they're eating in the hope that they'll give you some of their food."​


So @tuxedocomputers sent me some awesome footage of their virgin keyboards being laser printed. Here's a still shot right as the laser makes contact. SO COOL!

I'll have all the video in the next episode of Linux + Coffee!

This quote from Josh Williams ( is really inspiring. Helps me reorient my thinking towards the long term.
"Humans are naturally artistic and creative beings. Chesterton in The Everlasting Man posits that we truly don’t know anything about prehistoric man except that he was an artist, as that is all he left us." --

: enticement (thanks to

"A small cute dog came up to me and demanded petting, I'm not sure if my day is going to have a higher point than that (even though I'm about to go buy donuts) [...] The order was slightly different and the dog practically flung itself at me without the slightest enticement, which is always nice"​


: Word of the Day: porporate (thanks to

"Word of the Day: PORPORATE - wearing purple. (Pic: dsb nola)"​


: impetus (thanks to

"I was so good with my daily walks, but now I'm working from home it's getting harder to get the impetus... It's nice around my house, but not as pretty as near my work, and my video games are RIGHT THERE..."​


: loaf (thanks to

"Are you all sick of me posting pics of bread yet? Because it's a day ending in y..."​

"[ Food, Baking, Pics ]

Here's today's crusty and delicious loaf."

[:tw: ]

: aggrieved (thanks to

"making it my mission to live up to every time some aggrieved white dude has called me a bitch"​


: therewith (thanks to the 1946 Nobel Prize committee)


'[...] Percy Bridgman was awarded the 1946 Physics Prize "for the invention of an apparatus to produce extremely high pressures, and for the discoveries he made therewith in the field of high pressure physics."

Bridgman was born in 1882.'


Hi Fediverse 👋

think about this awesome space, enabling us to share what we care about in a non-profit & pleasant way 🙃

Powered by Free & Open Source Software, it strongly depends on a large variety of diligent individuals, that dedicate their work to the public - to us.

Yet, this "large variety" truely isn't large & variegated enough - especially on programming. If you have an idea on how to change this, you might be interested in the #GNOMEChallenge 🙂


PSA: please stay clear of r/pinephone. The subreddit is ran in bad faith and for nefarious reasons. Full statement in the provided link:

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