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: pilfer (thanks to

"Hotels should provide an extra blanket as a matter of course. Or just give us heavier blankets to start with. I always need one and I always have to either ask the front desk or bring my own. Or pilfer it from the other bed. Which I just did."​


: obfuscatory (thanks to

'Basecamp: being divisive is bad
Also basecamp: causing 1/3rd of your staff to quit in disgust is good'

'Seriously though - "divisive" is a useless & obfuscatory term unless you specify who's being divided from who'


: jentacular (thanks to

"Word of the Day: JENTACULAR. Breakfasty; breakfastish; of, or relating to, breakfast."​


: pretense (thanks to

"I have completely abandoned any pretense of moderating my cookie intake. This will not end well"​


: instantaneously (thanks to

"i mean i know modern browsers are fairly awesome but i did not expect a hundred-meg HTML file to *just load instantaneously*, but it did wow"​


Somewhere in the sprawling mountain ranges a monk makes his ascent to the peak of one of the mountains. With gladness in his heart he spreads out his rug and prepares to meditate.

His harried and excited breath slows to a steady rhythm. He flows deeper and deeper into meditation.

He sends his thoughts out into the universe.

From behind him a voice cries back:

"You should really try XMPP or Matrix".

agile software is when you do story points and velocity instead of hard time estimates, and then management won't leave you alone until you give an estimate anyways

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I have watched so many passionate people have their will to act crushed by the search for the perfect organization or plan.

The time to act is now. Favor imperfect action over a perfect plan. There will never be the perfect plan or the perfect affinity group. Just do something, anything.

Chances are some of the things you will do will be minimally effective. That’s ok. No one is greatly successful every time. Use these “failures” as a chance to learn. Try. Experiment. Move on.

I am, once again and forever, first name "wilkie" last name "<zero width space>"

Going to write a new Christmas song called "God damnit cat stop fucking with the christmas tree"

Any needs out there? I need your help please...

So, let’s say I have a repo that contains a folder called “example”. There are many other files and folders in this repo too.

Is it possible for me to run a git push command that ONLY pushes the contents of example to the root of the remote git repo?

So after I push /example/test.txt to my remote repo, it would be test.txt world be in the root of the repo, not /example.

Gold 'Cochon' Purse, Paul Frey for La Cloche Frères, France, circa 1900.

: caruncle (thanks to

"Word of the day: CARUNCLE, n. the fleshy erectile tissue birds like turkeys have on their heads (from the Latin, carunculus, the dimunitive of carō, ‘flesh’) including snoods, wattles and dewlaps."​


: replenished (thanks to in one of his fashion threads):

"okay I can’t just spend the rest of the evening tweeting about this but I am REPLENISHED by how gorgeous everything is"​


: seeps (thanks to

"Most twitter content is generated by a small coterie of weirdos and only seeps into the real world because every single media person spends 18 hours a day on here and becomes warped by it"​

Image: "80 percent of tweets are generated by 10 percent of users, study finds"


: chiding (thanks to

"I got tickets to a baseball game after mercilessly chiding a morning talk show host for not liking The Dark Knight.

Good times."​


: gruntled (thanks to

"Frequency of "disgruntled" vs "gruntled" from 1800 to 1860."​


: dinkus (thanks to

"Word of the Day: DINKUS — a line of three asterisks or other symbols used as a section break in a text.




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