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UnifiedPush is specifications and tools that let mobile users choose how push notifications are delivered. All in a free and open source way.

I built a unified notification solution for myself, including a custom UDP protocol for push notifications (when the target device supports it):

It can also do "push" notifications using long polling, and (bleh) can even go through Google's monstrosity Firebase.

Then it can quite easily be an unifiedpush distributor : it just misses the distributor interface to forward notifications to applications implementing the connector interface.

For linux, the specifications are here :

@PixelDroid @Bubu
Not really, except it is partly born in openpush's discussion room.

Some talk about a sort of successor of openpush

@unifiedpush OK interesting, will look into implementing support if possible at this stage. Need to do notifications at some point anyway 😅

@PixelDroid Do not hesitate to come to us if you have any question :)

@linos @unifiedpush no need to talk to us about it, I would love to have this in PixelDroid so as soon as I have time I will look at it

Contributions are very welcome though :P


ehm... I don't understand what "how push notifications are delivered" mean

What are push notifications ?

And how are they delivered most commonly ?

With this background I could try to understand what your project is trying to bring t othe table

Sorry for being pedantic 😐

Push notifications are messages send from a server to a mobile phone.

On android it is usually done via Google services (Firebase Cloud Messaging).

And it is possible to use non-google service to get push messages with this project.

PS : the definitions are here :

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