Just scored a brand-new 4u chassis off ebay for $65. There was about 100 of these up for sale. They appear to be a version of the istar d-400 that was customized for a vendor.

only 4 left.

here's the istar d-400 I think these were customized from.

the bays are not hot-swappable but I couldn't pass the price up. Looks like I can get about 7 3.5" drives in the front-right compartment, and perhaps another few in the left side with some 3.5" to 5.25" brackets

ah. found the vendor. Digital video security. These chassis' were custom made for their security camera DVR system. here's the manual heh

Seller cancelled and refunded my order. "out of stock, or item is damaged"

No worries.. I found a good deal on Newegg for an open-box Rosewill RSV-L4000 and a discount code that brought it down to $72.

link for those interested:

and don't forget to apply the discount code: 32LTDQTY246

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