TFW: Raspberry Pi foundation force-pushes a microsoft gpg key and vscode repository to everyone in a package update. Without letting the community know. Or explaining such a strange decision.
If people wanted microsoft's code on their pi's, they'd enter in a few commands to add the repo and the package themselves. Just like any other piece of software. Why make this the default for everyone? RPi Foundation get a huge check from MS or something?

@unicornfarts allegedly Pi are for teaching kids to program. And the only way to learn that is by running a bloated wannabe IDE in a web browser masquerading as an editor. And since they can't be trusted^Wexpected to install this themselves, because you know package management is difficult, they force-feed it down their throats. And nobody's ever heard of VSCodium so what other options would there be.

No wonder all we get are plastic crybabies who can't put a debug statement into their code.

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