This is the ideal laptop pointing device. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like:


> This is the ideal laptop pointing device. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like: [image of of a ThinkPad TrackPoint]

You know, I use a ThinkPad every day without an external mouse, but basically never use that thing. What do you like about it?

Maybe I should give it another try – it is much closer to the home row.

Related: I'm never sure quite what to call it but clearly am not alone in that:

@codesections I really like it because its right on the home row. I don't have to keep changing position when typing/browsing. It was pretty awkward at first.. but the more I used it the faster I could get it to get where I want it. There was a learning curve, at least for me. The bonus of easily scrolling side to side as well as up and down is really nice.

@codesections I've been wanting to build my own mechanical keyboard for a time now, and mostly know what size and what hardware to use. I'm 100% going to incorporate a trackpoint into my build. Absolutely.

@codesections Don't get me wrong, there are situations when an external traditional mouse is more ideal. But the situations for when the trackpoint is advantageous for me, are enough to warrant the effort to include one.

@unicornfarts Pretty good, but I think there's one thing better.

Of course, they're a lot more expensive for LCD screens, but I think it's worth it. It's almost a Wii remote.

I really love them on lenovo, but hp don't do them as well unfortunetly

I had a laptop long ago that had one of these, before touch pads were around. I got pretty good at using it. But I still prefer a track balls or mouse myself. But I can completely understand why a person would like one on the keyboard.
But to be honest, I have gotten a bit lazy over time and somewhere along the line, didn't continue to use keyboard shortcuts as much, perhaps because of software changes and OS changes over the years.

@unicornfarts Oh noooo. The ideal pointing device is a mouse, to me. But if we're talking about laptops, it's the touchpad from a Macbook. I have never found something so comfortable or precise as that.

On my Thinkpad, the nipple is kinda weird. When it works, it's good. But sometimes I'm slowly scrolling with it and then it goes super fast. Or sometimes I push up, take my finger off it, and the cursor keeps going up forever, for like 20 seconds. But it's a nice idea.

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