@electricsand Yup, two friends around me at least got sucked into the bait

@brandon I'm sure schools are emphasizing typing more these days. But writing is really only taught until middle school. I graduated high school before 2012 but was submitting everything typed and didn't do much hand written by middle school.


@cavaliertusky @brandon I'm feeling old. I learned to type in middle school in the 90's on Swingtec electronic typewriters.

@unicornfarts @cavaliertusky electronic typewriters are basically the precursor to keyboards

@brandon but so much better. they weighed 800 pounds, and you knew they were running if you heard a whirring. Also an entire classroom of typewriters sounds fucking amazing. I felt like I was at the Daily Planet or something. 😆

@unicornfarts everything they sounded like a reason not to have them lol

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