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Stuff I'm currently/will be working on soon (all because of joining FOSStodon): Show more

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Yo DAWG, MIT says they've come up with a solution to prevent side-channel execution attacks (Meltdown, Spectre etc.) and they're calling it Dynamically Allocated Way Guard.

Wow. nnn terminal file manager is really useful! they just reached 2.0 as well.

Hello to all
I am new to mastodon. Until now I've shunned social networks because of their closed source nature.
I am a linux and foss enthusiast. I'm furter interested in music, teaching, database devellpmnet, python and baha'i religion.
I hope to make intersting acquaintances with some of you sooun

When interacting with bots, please mark your posts as Unlisted or Direct. That way it will not appear in the public timeline, and the bot will still hear you just fine.

Thank you.

Also on my ever-growing project list, putting on one of my old phones.

Stuff I'm currently/will be working on soon (all because of joining FOSStodon): Show more

Linux gaming fans! Do be sure to let your friends know we're on here so they can follow us ✌🐧

Hey @Dobbie03 I have arrived mate. Its good to be here my brother.

Am I being stupid or does Tusky not display pinned toots?

@Dobbie03 just realized your avatar of The Mona Lisa is wearing corpse paint. Kvlt.

Always thought beekeeping was super cool. With this hive, I might try doing it myself:

Tis my weekend. I am refusing to wear shoes. That is all.

I thought I'd talk some about why I use . Feel free to tell my why you do too!

I haven't done an either... I don't really publish personal information, but here goes what I do share πŸ˜‚

I'm a student developer, and I like to create things. I mostly just work on small little projects like extensions for and Discord bots and such. I'm trying to make a mastodon bot, but I'm having trouble making it.

You can see my featured projects here:

*Shameless Plug*
Add my discord bot!

I picked up a hyperpixel display this week from pimoroni.

It could be a candidate for a diy umpc. If I go for something else I will likely use it for my music control center.

My kids' high school computer education is non-existent.

Any recommendations for teaching compsci to 11 - 14yr olds? Websites, books, games, etc...

Hi all out there. I'm a software dev from Basel, Switzerland (Java, currently jumping into Kotlin) and long term linux user, enjoying to use FOSS and occasionally provide some tiny contributions here and there. With the current hype about G+ shutting down, I'm one more of those that heard of Fosstodon and got carried over here. I'm curious and looking forward to gathering some first hand experience with you all on Mastodon/Fosstodon.

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