😮‍💨 I don't know how to process this level of anger, helplessness and disappointment. The lack of compassion for others in this country is beyond comprehension. What happened to us? Why are so many people apathetic to needless suffering? And worse- Why are so many people determined to keep those systems responsible, in place?

Welcome to America! Where the unalienable right to shit on Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is our God-given responsibility!

Got my first 'do the needful' helpdesk email today. So happy!

Got around to finishing two games on my — FAR Lone Sails, and Little Nightmares. Downloading FAR Changing Tides now.

VMWare Workstation Player: Using full disk encryption when setting up a VM isn't supported. You must pay for Workstation 7.

Me: Okay. *Creates encrypted file container on host with cryptsetup and saves VM files in it.*

This is essentially achieving the same thing, right? VM files are protected at rest?

Patiently waiting as her 🎂 is being made. Happy 15th Birthday Kaylee!!

Think the vortex race 3 and mStone PMMA solar system rest go well together 🪐

Enrolled after watching lecture 0 on youtube. Should be interesting! Take a look; it's free, and self-paced!


Lets see how it goes.

Been playing with the new cloud app: app.netdata.cloud

Now I can see netdata metrics across all my hosts in one aggregated location 📈📉

has a similar tool to see your crowdsourced firewall metrics aggregated: app.crowdsec.net

Walking around downtown Eugene today. Eating the eats, drinking the drinks. Tonight a movie screening of Harry Potter with a live orchestra doing the score.

Preference between the two?

Digging the new 'picture-in-picture' style video viewer in mastodon. Is it new, or have I just never noticed? Clicked videos keep playing on the bottom corner of screen even while scrolling past.

There's no such thing as an accurate measurement. The closer you look, the wider your tolerances become. Eventually to the point where to gauge something with increasing precision requires factoring in more and more environmental variables to reduce variance. At some point you begin to realize that at the tiniest of scales, everything affects everything else to some degree, and probably is outside of human understanding. Measurement becomes subjective and not empirical. It becomes a construct.

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