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This is the ideal laptop pointing device. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like:

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Reflection on my recent career change into IT. 

It has been roughly two months since I started my new position at work as a sysadmin. I'm beginning to build confidence now that I've got several successful projects under my belt and I'm enjoying the work even more than I expected to. The feeling reminds me of the excitement I had when just starting to use linux and open source software. (1/4)

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Personally, I don't care that Mastodon isn't grotesquely huge like our centralized counterparts. They may have millions of users, but its worth fuck-all if I can't meaningfully connect with any of them. Divisive, metric-driven algorithms that encourage conflict to generate revenue for shareholders is not MY social media... .

How would you describe your social experience here versus elsewhere? (2/2)

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Police infiltrate encrypted phones, arrest hundreds in organized crime bust - Enlarge / It is not specified if Encrochat users were required to stand in silhouette or otherwise ... more: #nationalcrimeagency #lawenforcement #netherlands #encrochat #europol #policy #europe #france #crime #uk

Don't argue with the fact that you have privilege or argue with someone who tells you that you're privileged. Acknowledge and embrace it and use it to feel gratitude for what you do have. It'll help you paint a clearer picture of when you should be helping someone less fortunate.

Come to find out that is not going to bring their new id3 hatchback to the US. I am about to cry.

People who enabled server-side encryption on their instance: There is a big ugly confirmation warning about performance impacts when enabling encryption. My instance is running on 1024mb of memory and a single cpu core, I realize that is pretty weaksauce and will likely increase resources in the future.

How much of an impact did you notice?

What specs would you recommend for an instance that is serving only family members?

Nextcloud server up and running. It is even more awesome than expected!

Wort is at a proper boil. Another 15 minutes and the first round of hops will be added. Hallertau in this case, then liberty hops.

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Cleaned and sanitized all the brewing equipment, just started heating water for the mash, also have a whole pork shoulder in the smoker. Every day should start like this.

Update: Server's IP has been removed from Spamhaus' blocklist (again) and I was sucessfully able to send mail to gmail w/o them flagging it. 👍

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Have a brew planned for next weekend. All ingredients should arrive on Tuesday so we'll get the yeast started and be ready to brew Saturday.

Making a blackberry weiss.

Great. My IP is back on the Spamhaus blocklist. Re-opened ticket.

Setting up a personal email server is akin to driving on a Möbius Strip with speedbumps. They never end.

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New project: I found my chicken, geese, and turkey automated water cannon repeller. Getting tired of washing the porch off every day.

Alright now my mail is being received at protonmail with no problems. gmail is still filing it into spam. I'll try again tomorrow, maybe it'll solve itself

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