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Stuff I'm currently/will be working on soon (all because of joining FOSStodon): 

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Looking for reader recommendations! What's your favorite Firefox reader?

There's a new #Funkwhale #Release available: say hi to Funkwhale 0.18.3 πŸŽ‰

This is a small bugfix release that resolves various annoying bugs and introduce two interesting enhancements:

- You'll be warned if you try to leave the upload page if your uploads are not complete
- In-place imported files do not count in user quota anymore

*Lots* of fixes, enhancements and new guides were also submitted in our documentation and are now live on!

Screenshot Sunday!

Lightweight and snappy setup running on the SBC now. I got rid of tint2 panel since I was using it less the more familiar I got with i3. My mouse is feeling neglected. I feel like I may have wasted time learning/configuring automatic layouts though as my power consumption is 5v@3A. I haven't been turning the board off.

eMMC module for my arriving Saturday. I should see a substantial uptick in OS 'snappyness' compared to microSD. Plus, this will allow me to test experimental builds and other distros by booting to the sd slot using a jumper, while leaving my main install untouched on the eMMC.

Hi. I'm Sylvia. I'm currently working as an Illustrator, Concept Artist and Co-Designer on our indie game. I love to create colorful, psychedelic art and to do commissions...oh yes, and I also love to paint animals. 🐧 #VisibleWomen #art #illustration #mastoart

I will release a new artwork in ~2 hours β˜€οΈ. Meanwhile do you remember Artful Aardvark? This artwork is inspired by by #Ubuntu release 17.10. :).
#art #illustration #mastoart

I wrote some thoughts about . Not sure everyone will agree, but thought I'd publish them nonetheless.

Hop to Armbian 5.75 sucessful! Such a good distro I forgot how much I liked it.

I use a extension that drops cookies. I get the pointless GDPR nag every time I go to a website. Sites should use a standard interface for asking for GDPR consent, and there should be a browser extension that auto responds to it.

PSA: you can combine 3 dollar store boxes of Swedish Fish into one box if you empty them out of the plastic inner bags.

Also you should see Alita cause it's awesome. I'm just about to see it for the second time.

Tonight started week 7 of the dancing class my wife and I are attending. We're learning Rumba now and I think it's my favorite dance so far!

Since I'm planning on reinstalling my VPS this weekend, it's a good opportunity to try using on it. Been wanting to play with containers for a while now and I think I've found a good starting point:

Looks like added hardware video acceleration features to their build. Took long enough /s
Downloading os image now!!

Been pretty inactive the past couple months. I have nothing FOSS-related to show for it either! Except I've finally installed i3wm and have been using it for two days now. So far, so good. (Current DE components: i3wm, tint2, i3blocks, pcmanfm, feh, rofi)

everytime i read something in english the voice in my head is the one from

Nearly done packing for today's flight to Seattle. Gonna see some family. Will be back home for work on Wednesday.

Self Hosting Survey - What would you like to self-host? 

@kelbot The term "cyberdeck". Forgive my ignorance but I keep wondering what that is exactly? Is it a blanket term for small DIY computer builds?

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