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Stuff I'm currently/will be working on soon (all because of joining FOSStodon): Show more

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PSA: you can combine 3 dollar store boxes of Swedish Fish into one box if you empty them out of the plastic inner bags.

Also you should see Alita cause it's awesome. I'm just about to see it for the second time.

Tonight started week 7 of the dancing class my wife and I are attending. We're learning Rumba now and I think it's my favorite dance so far!

Since I'm planning on reinstalling my VPS this weekend, it's a good opportunity to try using on it. Been wanting to play with containers for a while now and I think I've found a good starting point:

Looks like added hardware video acceleration features to their build. Took long enough /s
Downloading os image now!!

Been pretty inactive the past couple months. I have nothing FOSS-related to show for it either! Except I've finally installed i3wm and have been using it for two days now. So far, so good. (Current DE components: i3wm, tint2, i3blocks, pcmanfm, feh, rofi)

everytime i read something in english the voice in my head is the one from

Nearly done packing for today's flight to Seattle. Gonna see some family. Will be back home for work on Wednesday.

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@kelbot The term "cyberdeck". Forgive my ignorance but I keep wondering what that is exactly? Is it a blanket term for small DIY computer builds?

Informal Survey (Tech ; Raspberry Pi ; Questions) Show more

Happiness is: Discovering there's a full carton of yesterday's Chinese take-out in the fridge you forgot about.

Wish George Carlin was still alive. I could really use his reality-check style of humor to cope with the current state of affairs in America.

I love this. If you are concerned with the recent and accelerating trend of corporate interests digging their fingers into our community, you might also find this presentation interesting:

Firefox 64 can now use CSS to style scrollbars. Yay we no longer have to look at a scrollbar aesthtic that was implemented 18 years ago. No more integrated RSS support though.

A lovely Saturday so far. Body aches are gone, have the house to myself, pillaging movies off the high seas, sipping coffee out of my rainbow dash mug, and trying a new strain called Bruce Banner 3.

I like the idea of an advent calendar. Maybe could plan one for next year? Fun little projects made by :fosstodon: members or other FOSS instance members?

Play tetris in a terminal!

#linuxrocks #fosstodon

@kev pointed out how close linuxrocks and fosstodon are in users and toots and I been getting such a kick out of watching us both grow together.

Linuxrocks 1,708 users and 70,125 toots

fosstodon 1,767 users and 69,609 toots.

In October 11 we had the exact same amount of users.

Glad to see our Mastodon Family grow and with great instances like ours with awesome users.

Got Jupyter Notebook running on arm64 Yay! Thought I needed to have Anaconda installed, but luckily that doesn't seem to be the case. I am now over a month behind when I originally planned to start learning . Lately I just haven't had the time to work on this. I've taken the past two days off work due to illness, so maybe I'll feel better enough over the weekend to resume coding.

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