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This is the ideal laptop pointing device. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like:

Found an easter egg in 12... the uid/gid for system user media is 8675309

My SAS disks have 5.25 years of runtime on them and 16 power cycles. We'll see how reliable they end up being. :blobcatsweat:

Hope there's some power supply experts and/or electrical engineers who can lend me some advice:
I load tested my new disk shelf for the purpose of seeing if the PSU I had lying around is adequate or sub-optimal for the build. It's an 850w 80+ certified unit running a dozen 3.5" platter drives, one SAS expander, six 120mm fans, and nothing else. The Kill A Watt meter showed 260w peak during spin up, and ~150w at idle. Is my idle load too low for this PSU from an efficiency standpoint?

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So anti-maskers are now considering wearing masks to prevent being 'infected' by vaccinated people.

The Republican party has no platform. The only policies they bring to the table are meaningless culture wars and trolling, apparently.

What are the most interesting user accounts your company's naming policy has created?

My favs for our domain are:
shartin@.... 💩
dsnyder@.... 🤘

Now that the DAS is working and I have the TrueNas VM up and running... I'm reading too much docu on pools, datasets, mirrors vs raidz, etc. Ugh no more reading! Time to just go for it and mess shit up. That's how I learn best anyway.

Finally got time to hook up the DAS to the server and test it out. Installed the 9200 hba card in the r710 alongside the h700 raid card for the local disks. At first I got a system halt during boot for "PCIe degraded link width error" but removing the cards and hitting the slots with canned air before reseating the cards fixed that problem. ESXi booted up without issue and detected all the DAS disks. Winning! This weekend going to try setting up in a vm with pci passthru

Used this guide to setup Debian Stable on a rpi 3b+ for a project that required both a rpi and vanilla debian. Worked perfectly!

Been using this background in my video meetings today with great success.

Just finished a 16-hour class on aws cloud security fundamentals. That was overwhelming to say the least. I'll be going through these labs for a while.

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Tucker Bronson McChad Swan Lake McNordstrom Seamus McDuck Vanderpump McRib Swamp Thing McGruff Severus McFly Carlson.

Welp. looks like I need to make a trip to the dispensary today.

TIL: is on the payroll of white-supremacist organizations and promotes their ideals.

Testing an early release of 89. Intuitive UI design has never reached these heights!


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