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Yay I'm now a patreon of ! :fosstodon:

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Personally, I don't care that Mastodon isn't grotesquely huge like our centralized counterparts. They may have millions of users, but its worth fuck-all if I can't meaningfully connect with any of them. Divisive, metric-driven algorithms that encourage conflict to generate revenue for shareholders is not MY social media... .

How would you describe your social experience here versus elsewhere? (2/2)

So yesterday I was editing some of my backup scripts at work and I accidentally left an undefined variable in one of them. Cron executed the script and the undefined variable was interpreted as just the trailing slash that followed it. Boy did that create a lot of work for me which I'm still working on. Ouch. I should have known better. Renegade script running at root.

Download our recent whitepaper for detailed insights and step by step instructions on how to integrate Ubuntu Desktop into Active Directory.

Nvm. Created an alias sabnzbd="snap run sabnzbd"

not too familiar with snap packages, obviously.

Dumb question.. after installing Sabnzb via snap on Manjaro,, where the hell is the binary? running sabnzbd returns nothing.

Group Policy. I think the goal was to make it as convoluted and unintuitive as possible.

Quick notice to ANSI Pro users: please do NOT update your keyboard/ trackpad firmware just yet. Thank you.

Day 3 of using as my desktop at work. I didn't want to like it...

I like it a lot. It's pretty too, so that's a nice bonus.

Cool that Firefox now has one of Chrome's more useful features, and with that I'm now on Firefox for good :3

Woah. Using a loner from work and I've never seriously tried to use a trackpoint before. I'm a little blown away by how much I'm liking it. It is the superior laptop pointing device, apparently.

Planned upgrades:
i7–3740QM with dGPU heatsink mod.
B140RTN02.1 1600x900 display from an Alienware M14x.
16gb 2133mhz memory.

Total cost for notebook with these upgrades will be somewhere between $300-$320

Other upgrades down the road are perhaps swapping the keyboard for the older style, storage drive upgrades, docking station.

Just ordered my . Finally can start my t430 upgrade project

Mozilla has announced that it's rolling out changes under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to all Firefox users worldwide.

According to report of ZDNet: The CCPA (America's privacy legislation) came into effect on January 1, 2020, offering Californian users data-protection rules. Much like Europe's GDPR, the CCPA gives consumers the right to know what personal information is collected about them and to be able to access it.

I like about mastodon that you can assume most people have a level of technical understanding and are kind

Wondering if there's a sane way of tiling browser tabs in a window. I thought I remember reading about FF adding this feature natively but I don't see it. The tiling extensions in the mozilla store seem sketchy, not sure I want to use any of them at work. Current solution is to have tabs opened in separate firefox windows which are then tiled by

didn't realize protonvpn had a free service level. might as well try it out.

then i have to setup Drupal 8. Then do a bunch of migrations. Rest of the week will be interesting!

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