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A lovely Saturday so far. Body aches are gone, have the house to myself, pillaging movies off the high seas, sipping coffee out of my rainbow dash mug, and trying a new strain called Bruce Banner 3.

I like the idea of an advent calendar. Maybe could plan one for next year? Fun little projects made by :fosstodon: members or other FOSS instance members?

Play tetris in a terminal!

#linuxrocks #fosstodon

@kev pointed out how close linuxrocks and fosstodon are in users and toots and I been getting such a kick out of watching us both grow together.

Linuxrocks 1,708 users and 70,125 toots

fosstodon 1,767 users and 69,609 toots.

In October 11 we had the exact same amount of users.

Glad to see our Mastodon Family grow and with great instances like ours with awesome users.

Got Jupyter Notebook running on arm64 Yay! Thought I needed to have Anaconda installed, but luckily that doesn't seem to be the case. I am now over a month behind when I originally planned to start learning . Lately I just haven't had the time to work on this. I've taken the past two days off work due to illness, so maybe I'll feel better enough over the weekend to resume coding.

The Baby Dome! Two babies enter, only one baby leaves!

A project manager is a person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in one month.

I saw my beard in my peripheral vision today. It's time to buy a new trimmer.

Well, here is some good news. The Municipality of Tirana moves to FLOSS and open standards. After succesfull migrating to NextCloud the capital will now migrate to LibreOffice.

I hope other cities will follow and also avoid proprietary lock-in.


In 2014, when Sierra Leone was hit by the Ebola outbreak, three local software developers kept the country's infrastructure working by rewriting it to #FLOSS. They saved hundreds of thousands lives when companies like Google and IBM backed off, calling the project too risky.

And their own recollection of the events with some technical descriptions:

Do you ever miss the days of old when the internet was young, and you thought it was scandalous and cool to do something like download a txt file of the anarchist cookbook to a floppy drive?

Or you thought you were a hardcore hacker because you read about phone phreaking?

I would spend HOURS (mostly due to low bandwidth 28.8 baud modems) poring over a website like this:

Idea: script/program you can bind to a keyboard shortcut that disables all key presses, mouse movements and clicks until a secret key combo is hit to cancel the script. When I see my toddler coming a quick shortcut and he can pound away without worry.

@unicornfarts as a plasma user w/ global menu turned on... OMG yes. Please get rid of the stupid hamburger menus, or at least make them optional!

Traditional menu bars and toolbars work just fine. They might have been useful when the standard desktop resolution was 1024x768 or below, but not now!

Even my beloved Firefox, which still lets you expose the menu bar, won't let you hide the damn menu button.

How about: "You can officially kiss my ass."
--my response to this ridiculously large popup that completely obscured the article I was reading on about improving desktop usability. Ironic.

I didn't even notice that several of my most-used applications didn't have the familiar menu bar enabled by default. After re-enabling them and using them for just a few minutes I realized how much functionality had been lost.

"Desktop applications should not attempt to mimic mobile phone apps that were designed to be used by touchβ€Šβ€”β€Š'hamburger menus' may be a suitable compromise for crammed mobile phones but not for today’s desktop systems with Full HD or 4K screens."

omg this! Stop "improving" my desktop interfaces with these dumb monstrosities.

Finally got around to making this account. If I send follow requests, it's because I like the content you post.

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