I know the fediverse is probably a bad place to recruit for a centralized messaging service, but if anyone wants to join me at #Signal, we're hiring! Check out signal.org/workworkwork/ or contact me for more.

#GetFediHired #jobs #encryption


@EvanHahn The job advert says "Everything we produce is open source. Every time we write code, we get to share it with the world.", but this blog appears to contradict that signal.org/blog/keeping-spam-o. Which is (currently) true?

@underlap The blog post has the latest:

"To keep Signal a free global communication service without spam, we must depart from our totally-open posture and develop *one* piece of the server in private: a system for detecting and disrupting spam campaigns. Unlike encryption protocols, which are designed to be provably secure even if everyone knows how they work, spam detection is an ongoing chore for which there is no concrete resolution and for which transparency is a major disadvantage."

@underlap I'll follow up with the team next week to see if we want to tweak that job post wording. It's a good callout on your part, and either an oversight or a deliberate oversimplification.

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