Hey @bitwarden I didn’t know this was a thing - really cool!

Any plans to add other services like DuckDuckGo or Apple?


Save the date: as part of our Defective by Design campaign, this year's International Day Against #DRM (IDAD) will be on Dec. 4, and will focus on streaming services' unjust use of DRM: u.fsf.org/36d

Bye Terry Jones 😞 .
Always remember than phyton programming language takes its name from Monty Phyton.

We're going to roll out icons for our anti-features soon. Here's a preview, what do you think?

Now that Windows7 has finished this EOS is time of all Linux distros to sell the idea that they are the best options to replace it.

Good question @undelaterreta I hope there is a smooth answer for this.

The best I have now is: Get the URL to the toot, via the timestamp (it is a hyperlink directly to the toot). Use that URL in the body of your new toot.

That will make the toot open in a new window so it isn't so friendly for the reader; but it does show exactly the toot you want.

Question: What is the best way to share to followers or the instance a toot from other person, without boost the toot (For example: The toot isn't english)? . I really appreciate the work from others, but I don't want to be disrespectful copypasting.

I was reading a toot from @skotperez who shows this page which details all the Google software and hardware killed by themselves. Amazing work.

Is incredible how many services they kill when they are not profitable.

@slimbook I'm studying an IoT master, but since this field is too big, maybe I could work developing embedded systems, or maybe developing webservices...
In the past, I would buy the most powerfull computer, because more power=better. But now I appreciate more the portability.
I hate that!

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@slimbook I dont think that I'm going to use it for play games, because I have a N Switch and other computer. But, since I have not found my exact place in IT industry I'm still worried if the U model could be a bit powerless.

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I'm dont know how to do: I want to buy a new laptop, probably from @slimbook but I'm a bit confused if a prefer the ProX 14inch vs ProX 15inch, one with the U intel processor and the other with HQ.

Portability vs Performance? What to do? 😩 .

I'm really disorieted: Idk, if I should separate my toots in different instances, depending the kind of the topic (Life, FOSS, Politics, Games) or having only one for all,
This weekend I will think more about that...

After few years with case on the left is time to change it... With the same case, but a new one. I'm quite simple.

Well is not the "films" , is the "movies". I was translating from spanish version title.

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