long shot but i think somebody on masto recorded our appearance on BBC radio sussex on august 27th 2020 and we wondered if they might be out there and still have the file :3

Tidying up the photos on my phone and found these from pre-pandemic when I wandered further afield

anyone want a cat? I have one that will be turned into tennis rackets and mittens as Bandit just walked up to me, looked me in the face, turned around and peed on me.

john is phsl

just spent 30 minutes being driven potty that my text was not appearing on my php webpage. tried everything and nothing worked.

probably because i was editing one page and checking a different one.

Doh! what a prawn

@Cleoqc it's an internet thing so unless it's geoblocked you should be able to

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@Cleoqc btw can you get pluto tv up there? John just informed me that he's been watching a load of Pertwee & Baker episodes as they have a classic dr who "channel"

celebrate the 125th anniversary of Dracula, we will be attempting to break the record on 26 May for the largest gathering of vampires at Whitby Abbey,


Look pretty, act deadly. As long as you don't get caught it's all unicorns and rainbows

Never thought these words would ever come from my mouth again.

"spending the next few days doing some PHP"

pray for me

What did one DNA say to the other DNA? “Do these genes make me look fat?”

currently wiping drool off the laptop screen as been browsing and looking at the surface pro 8 i7 (+keyboard and pen). sweet but yikes pricey.

cc: @Cleoqc

and not 100% sure the processor hasn't been swapped out as the specs seem different but as i said not 100% sure so while the repair is great not happy about the rest.

*have a few photos from before i sent it for repair to prove it

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received my repaired laptop back from Asurion this morning and after checking it out the actual repair was great but my pristine laptop* has scratches all over, had a loose screw (found it in the box), important bit of rubber missing and keyboard back light no longer works the palm rest is definitely not the one sent as mine was stickerless this one has manky stickers on it

spent ages getting worried because I kept getting password denied on my pi. tried all the passwords i thought it was. then realized what the problem was. can you spot it?

felt a right pillock :)

Release 1.0.3

Tut now support custom keys, so you can modify almost every key. Read more on the release page.


Now you can (sigh) "toot" to Mastodon from the comfort of Emacs with this extension I hacked together. github.com/igb/emacstodon

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