After spending a lot of time thinking through this "thought experiment" and reading the response post from @kev - it got me thinking more about the default browser styles...

"Modern Improvements for Default Browser Styles"

@uglyduck you’ve now proven that you can get content out really quickly. Sooooooo, yeah…more content please! 😁

Agree on all points except resizing the browser. Not sure i could be bothered resizing the browser for specific web pages. Im probably in the minority here though as I like to have my browser window permanently maximised.

@kev To be fair that concept of a post was already in the works 😉

As for resizing windows - yeah that's yet another extreme view on my part (I'm the opposite where I have my browser sized to barely half my monitor)

@uglyduck @kev I usually have my browser (and most windows) maximized. However, I really like having a shortcut to snap windows to the right or left edge, and half my screen size is just about right for long-form reading.

@IslandUsurper @uglyduck

I am also of the same mind wrt resizing. I don't have browser maximized, but large part of screen estate (quite hi-res monitor). Have many tabs open between which I switch continuously and will not resize for individual pages.

There should really be something like prefers-color-scheme, but for a range of personal default layout preferences for page display.

@uglyduck @kev that's about as much CSS as one of my websites has:

(to add to reading length: my attention span was always shit, but it's only gone downhill from there after after a couple of burn outs…)

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