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As my personal site states: I'm a designer, developer, hardware tinkerer, open source advocate & consumer of dark roast coffee.

I blog about stupid web things (mostly CSS stuff) on my blog

Feel free to reach out with any comments, concerns or if you just want to chat!

I've switched over my personal website's domain...

"Using a New Domain and Switching Static Hosts"

In the slow process of switching my main repo and static hosting over to sourcehut. I’ve always loved the concept behind it - about time I support more FOSS initiatives

Really great read about limiting your character width when writing:

"Write Thin to Write Fast"

After spending a lot of time thinking through this "thought experiment" and reading the response post from @kev - it got me thinking more about the default browser styles...

"Modern Improvements for Default Browser Styles"

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Still consistently impressed with Stadia. Using garbage “farm” internet stills allows for smooth gaming. Only current negative is a lack of a huge game library.

To those potentially being impacted by the ~300% price increase for propane, a simple system to follow in the future:

1. Order your propane at the beginning of the summer
2. Supplement with wood to reduce dependence of a single heat source

I know those sounds obvious or even dumb - but this should allow you to run a full year with ~900 gallons.

Someone who has lived off oil (now propane) and fire wood for 5+ years

Interesting to see the early look at the 2022 default WordPress theme:

Thinking about a silly side-project idea of a "shop" that allows people to purchase microSD card(s) with preloaded operating systems for Raspberry Pi devices...

My assumption would be most customers of something like that would lean towards eBay etc.

Or anyone technical enough would just roll their eyes at it and do it themselves...

It begins - the first fire in the wood stove. Thought we'd at least be into October before needing it...

How have I not heard of Gitpod before?? I was just about to go down the rabbithole of setting up minimum payments for Github Codespaces too...

After being somewhat inspired by the latest blog post by @kev (, I wrote a very basic guide for setting up a cheap, performance-focused WordPress blog:

It's been a looooong time since I've used a Windows machine as my main work device. Pleasantly surprised thus far....

Really getting the itch to switch back to - my current workflow is *okay* but I always remember WP being a little more streamlined.

We’ll have to wait and see…

I’ve been using Chrome OS as my daily driver for a few weeks now. Far more impressed than I thought I would be. Obviously not the best option for most of those in the FOSS community but I can see the appeal.

I plan to write up a quick review of everything once I have some time (setup, Dev work, hardware etc)

I finally got the blog post together:

"Stuffing An SSD Inside The Raspberry Pi 400"

A quick tutorial on how to - you guessed it - stuff an SSD directly inside the body of the Raspberry Pi 400

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