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Google asking me for a phone number to “make sure you own the account”.

Asking me for a phone number when there’s none linked to the account does 0 to ensure I own it.

Wish they’d be honest. “We want more of your PII and we’re going to lock you out if you don’t give it.”

Lately I’ve consistently failed to do anything productive outside of work.

Google being Google again. Banning from Google Play.

I don't know how anyone works for Google without feeling ashamed, these days.

The Books are good music for coding as long as you can keep yourself from having any existential crises.

Are you a heavy terminal user who hates switching contexts?

Here's one way to set up and navigate terminal workspaces without the suffering:

Now that I’m switching to self hosted music streaming, I’ve so far spent over $300 getting my local music library caught up.

All the artists deserve even more than I’m paying; it’s just a lot all at once.

Technically, my “primary” monitor is my vertical one. So whenever I navigate bios or grub at startup, it’s with my head cocked sideways.

I’ll never have the energy to change it.

I swear to God, Amazon must have an entire team dedicated to making their APIs inconsistent.

Was about to open a PR to fix a typo in the docs, but apparently they don’t accept PRs.


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'Facebook also seemed to indicate displeasure that Apple acted without first consulting Facebook'

Now this is interesting FB apparently wants Apple to consult them first when they add a privacy feature to iOS.

Apple Music web client somehow manages to get less stable by the day.

I’m ready to jump ship yet again. Any suggestions?

Already had to bail on Google Music and Spotify.

Migrating playlists kills me.

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Fuck you, Facebook, fuck you..

And this how my oculus vr overnight turns into useless shit.

For some bizarre reason, XFINITY's automated phone system makes fake typing noises while it "searches" for you, now.

Dicts, strings, and wonderful things in Python 3.9. What I'm looking forward to:

Slack looooves to give me a notification, then wait 5 minutes to actually put the message in the app.

Nothing like searching for a message that isn't there.

Mozilla's layoffs were the kick in the butt I needed to finally set up a recurring donation.

I hope everyone who lost their job lands on their feet.

Help keep the internet free:

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Uh oh

Since January, a group has been hijacking Tor exit relay nodes to perform SSL stripping attacks, peaking in May when the group ran 23.95% of all nodes

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