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Looks like Google is trying to gain even more control in the open source world. Don't ever give away your rights to them.


Getting used to ; accidentally hit Ctrl-z instead of Ctrl-u.

Oh good, now I've got 8 `.swp` files to deal with.

@jetgirl I love Lofty Pursuits. Never thought I'd like watching candy more than eating it.

Finally looked into this I keep seeing.

Frankly it would be better for me to dedicate an hour every day to NOT coding. Too difficult to pull off, though.

@arran Definitely. I keep wanting to make a public list of known VPN blocking sites and suggest alternatives that allow VPNs.

But I don’t think VPNs are ubiquitous enough for “name and shame” to work.

@markosaric @plausible It's cool to see the referral breakdown. I know I personally ran into you on indiehackers.com

Finally giving a shot at replacing PyCharm in my workflow.

@pykekaisora Best of luck! I hope the business works out for you.

@MFAZ I'd say iOS if you care about privacy.

Google bricks a lot of functionality if you turn off Web and App activity - which seems even more absurd now that they're being sued for not respecting the setting.

I dislike Apple, but that doesn't change that their business model doesn't conflict with privacy.

Completely unsurprising - yet I think that we'll see 0 changes in interviewing practices.

Tech Sector Job Interviews Assess Anxiety, Not Software Skills:


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@termonoid it's their loss. Switch to duck.com and you'll be good.

@enxio I've done a ton of note app hopping. Currently I'm using Obsidian (obsidian.md/) and am pretty happy with it so far.

The notes are in markdown and I sync everything to a git repo. Automatic syncing is on the roadmap, if that's a priority.

@Citizenzibb no shade. Those are great options. Just wish support was ubiquitous.

@Citizenzibb it would need to support receiving texts as 2FA. A lot of services won’t give you another option.

Ever feel like your project is a buggy mess?

Visit music.apple.com and make yourself feel better by comparison!

@yarmo Thanks for the post. I've gone with Plausible for the last year, but I've wondered about a number of times.

Good to know the tradeoffs.

Anyone know a good solution to OTP (one time passwords) for organizations?

I'm constantly putting off tasks because the colleague with the OTP phone is too busy to send the code.

@markosaric Followed you before realizing who you were. I started using Plausible just over a year ago. Keep up the good work!

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