Mozilla's layoffs were the kick in the butt I needed to finally set up a recurring donation.

I hope everyone who lost their job lands on their feet.

Help keep the internet free:

@typenil I've always wanted to donate to , but they seem to get a lot of money from Google, and perhaps others. I'm afraid that my money will be an unnoticed speck, and/or used by them to donate to other causes. (I can choose my own, thanks)
I always like this as an illustration:

@murph That could be the case, but how are they going to get off Google's payroll without other funds?

What else is standing in the way of a world where every browser is based on Chromium?

I'll gladly accept the risk that they'll squander it. I think the risk of them being stomped under Google's heel is higher.

@typenil They seem to be taking a very pro-user anti-tracking stand, seemingly avoiding any conflict of interest. Let some Google money go to good, and use it, just don't compromise in the meantime.

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