Anyone know a good solution to OTP (one time passwords) for organizations?

I'm constantly putting off tasks because the colleague with the OTP phone is too busy to send the code.

@Citizenzibb it would need to support receiving texts as 2FA. A lot of services won’t give you another option.

@typenil My recommendation was at best a metaphorical stab in the dark.

@Citizenzibb no shade. Those are great options. Just wish support was ubiquitous.

@typenil I hear ya. It sucks that we live in a world where malicious people just can't mind their damn business, making stuff like 2fa almost a requirement for life.

@typenil use a google voice or magic jack number and multiple people could grab it from the web interface might work. though, that probably reduces the security somewhat. But then again sms otp is not very secure to begin with. As for auth apps, some let you export the db and import it to multiple devices. Then having matching otp keys for multile users.

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