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Growing up is realizing that the bottom bunk is probably more convenient.
-gaveasky, Feb 2016

My work is getting hardcore throttled by the new rate limiting.

So many builds failing.

Anyone have any Linux software recommendations to organize a very large, messy music library?

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Does anyone have a CLI framework recommendation for ?

The only one I've found is seahorse (github.com/ksk001100/seahorse) and it feels a little too minimal.

Apple's anti-repair tactics on the new iPhone 12: youtu.be/FY7DtKMBxBw

Genuine parts swapped between brand new iPhone 12s won't work properly until swapped back.

Most likely explanation: Apple intentionally ensuring no one can self-repair or use a third party service. Not a new MO for them by any means.

Despicable behavior. Remember this source of e-waste when Apple pretends to care about the environment.

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After playing with zsh for a couple days (I like it), I have a better feel for why it's taken off. It's not just customizability, it's that it offers a _framework_ for customization. This makes it easier to play with, which leads to community projects like oh-my-zsh, which in turn reinforce that very quality.

God I love FOSS. I rely on so many great projects that make life so much easier for me every day. Definitely don’t deserve that.

Started listening to The Topical from The Onion every morning. Surprisingly it’s at least as accurate as Up First from NPR.

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RT @thezedwards@twitter.com

Google Recaptcha (via gstatic.com) updated their javascript so it now does a triangle request/cookie sync w/ google.com.

For all my audits now, I'm classifying Google's Recaptcha service as an *Advertising Network* - it's no longer a Service Provider.🖖

🐦🔗: twitter.com/thezedwards/status

Alex Hutchinson should be promoted to CEO of Google. Then maybe he can kill the whole company instead of just

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“Hey, you’re returning a 405 code, but the method is allowed.”

‘Yeah, that means you’re rate limited.’

“Why did you stop using 429 for that? That’s the right code to use.”

‘Please see if you can reduce your request rate.’

I used to think Amazon’s API guys were just sloppy and didn’t use any regression tests.

Now I’m convinced they’re putting in bugs and unannounced breaking changes to troll me.

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