Research that suggests in an 8 hour work day, the average worker is productive for just short of 3 hours:

Don't tell my employer, but man does this make me feel better.

My just shipped! Super excited to experiment with it.

Really want linux phones to succeed. I'm just so sick of the Android/iOS dichotomy.

Both of my thinkpad laptops stopped booting in the last 24 hours. Weird timing. Some kind of Y2K bug for thinkpads, maybe?

Sticking a pin into the reset hole on the bottom of each laptop fixed it.

Ordered my first last night. Excited to start playing around with it.

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clamped down on trading to protect innocent from those devious Redditors.

Imagine a world where those who lost homes/livelihoods in the financial crisis were protected even 1/10th as much as these poor hedge fund managers.

Yeah - I can't imagine that either.

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It’s frustrating having users complain about UTF-8 CSVs garbling in Excel. Suffering for Microsoft’s UX sins.

Microsoft has had over a decade to make it easier to switch encodings - or even to auto detect them. I’ve set up CSV ingestion code that can do that, but Microsoft can’t manage?

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Long (by necessity), but fascinating.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny breaks down the web FSB killers responsible for his attempted assassination:

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Growing up is realizing that the bottom bunk is probably more convenient.
-gaveasky, Feb 2016

My work is getting hardcore throttled by the new rate limiting.

So many builds failing.

Anyone have any Linux software recommendations to organize a very large, messy music library?

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