We are working on making our TROMjaro Layout Switch app even more awesome. Thanks to @futureisfoss mostly. Here's how it is starting to look like:

Click a layout and switch. Unity, Gnome, Windows, ChromeOS, MacOS. You choose :) . #tromimg

@trom @futureisfoss there are two additional special layouts I could suggest, especially given we are talking about xfce. The first is a purely vertical dock, no top or bottom bar at all. This is used in MX linux.The other is a variant on gnome 3, where there is only a top bar, no dock, and the dock set live instead on the left side of the top panel. Typically the panel is only 24-26 pixels. So it's kinda like the windows view you have, but with a much thinner panel, and at the top.

@futureisfoss @trom @tychosoft can you send us some screenshots? we will happily add other layouts :)

@tio @futureisfoss @trom this was my take on vertical xfce desktops early last decade when we produced a customized Debian GNU/Linux distro for our tribal use.

@tio @futureisfoss @tychosoft The MX layout is similar enough so we can go with one or the other.
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