« The All-Seeing "i": Just Declared War on Your » by Edward @snowden //-> « Apple’s new system, regardless of how anyone tries to justify it, will permanently redefine what belongs to you, and what belongs to them. » edwardsnowden.substack.com/p/a


@danslerush @snowden If star trek represents a future human utopia, starting with what apple wants to do, it is not the federation that humanity seems destined for, but rather clearly the Borg. This is what the real question is about, and why the very definition of personhood is threatened as @aral suggests.

@tychosoft @danslerush @snowden Sadly, I don’t think we’re even cool enough to be the Borg… As I asked at the European Parliament, are we the European Union or the Ferengi Alliance? (ar.al/2019/11/29/the-future-of)

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