I'm super inclined to migrate all my Github repositories to @codeberg 😁

I'll migrate some today and try to integrate Woodpecker (github.com/woodpecker-ci/woodp) to see how things will work.

@karl @codeberg I would love to hear how that goes, though I think codeberg is also working on ci, too....

@tychosoft @codeberg yeah, I can start my blog with a post about this change 🙂
They're working on CI:
* codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit
* codeberg.org/Codeberg/Communit
But while they don't implement this I will try to integrate a CI running on my server.


@karl @codeberg being able to host ci ourselves if we wish will take a burden off codeberg for those who can set that up.

@tychosoft @codeberg for sure! I'll definitely will keep using my hosted CI as I have room on my server for that :)
I'm just waiting to know how Codeberg will limit the use as I don't want crypto mining PRs on my repos using my server.

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