I am happy to have completed migrating to @codeberg so I am going to finish and next. is nice because its and there is community help. This is how I think should generally work.


Several things might suck, but everything (!) can be improved. It's a true community effort to build our own Free and Open Source forge.


@codeberg @tychosoft Still stand by my point. And sucking means fixing works in your case. But I am a spoilt github user which makes everything just “work”. Sooooooooooooooooooo, don't judge me

@XxAlexXx @codeberg I don't understand where android even came into this, as none of what I am doing involves Android, but anyway that incidentally is one reason I prefer .

@tychosoft @codeberg I meant codeberg's android ide on their website is so bad that its even worse than a plain text editor

@XxAlexXx @codeberg ok, fair enough. I had not even looked at that, and never had used the ones from gitlab/github either.

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