What are your reasons for leaving #GitHub?
Do you know any blog articles for enlightening users?
Do you move to #Codeberg, another #Gitea instance or somewhere else?

I'm a browser war 1 veteran and left github the day the sale to Microsoft completed. Then we split our repositories between gitlab.com and framagit hosted gitlab. Framagit announced a year or two ago that they intend to close that service and I am increasingly concerned about a hostile takeover of gitlab. So here I  am on codeberg...

@mike a reason to migrate to things like @codeberg even over gitlab is that development benefits and is part of the community, whereas gitlab development really is driven by what most benefits gitlab the company.

@tychosoft @mike @codeberg

He just said Framagit (community-driven GitLab instance) is closing and are you saying Gitea is better than GitLab in general because it's community-driven?

Gitea and GitLab have different target userbase but GitLab has a business model to sustain the development and gitlab.com service. It would be better if Gitea had a business model too.

We heavily disagree. Software does not need a business model to be a good alternative. Gitea is actively maintained and developed while not being influenced by the interests of big companies. This is why we chose to build Codeberg upon Gitea.

The developers are volunteers, sometimes paid via donations and some of them might also work for Gitea hosting companies, but the mixture creates a balance and makes sure that no features are made premium-only.
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@alexl @tychosoft @mike keep in mind the most important infrastructure projects that keep the internet together, email servers, networking and compression library and code development, the linux kernel, or open content and knowledge like wikipedia, even security certifcate authorities like letsencrypt, are pretty much without exception community-run, not for profit

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You are really missing the point here, my bad for not making clearly I value decentralization

But really ideology is such a bad thing...

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P.S. the Linux kernel community driven?

What do you think Linux Foundation is? 😂😂😂😂 a non-profit? Or maybe a consortium with very big players? 😁

@alexl @tychosoft @mike yes, Linux Foundation is a registered 501(c) non-profit. Thank you for making the point :)

@codeberg @tychosoft @mike

Do you really don't know what Linux Foundation is?

I'm really going to discourage people from using "Codeberg". Such ignorance is dangerous as hell.

@alexl @tychosoft @mike Yes, we do. And Codeberg e.V. has corporate members ;)

Regarding the Linux Foundation bylaws, please refer to:


(an Oregon nonprofit mutual benefit corporation)

on linuxfoundation.org/bylaws/ (that shares many aspects with Codeberg's bylaws btw, naturally;)

Welcome to codeberg.org !

@codeberg @tychosoft @mike

I prefer GitLab, thank you, not hiding economic interests behind a non-profit consortium and more reliable than a volunteer project, while still developing a superb *FOSS self-hostable* product used by KDE, GNOME, Opendesktop, CERN and NASA.

I bet that now that Phabricator is no longer supported also Wikimedia will switch to GitLab and not to Gitea.


GitLab a big company? 😂

We have a very different definition of big company and #GitLab folks happily moved some features from GitLab EE to GitLab CE that KDE needed for its self-hosted infrastructure. And compared to other projects the CE had already a lot of features and EE doesn't add much.

Here on the Fediverse everyone is about "don't discriminate for this or that" but here you are clearly discriminating a project because there is company behind it 😉

@alexl >1300 paid employees vs a handful of gitea volunteers sounds ... big, and ... commercial? Not? Let's not fight, we really believe that not-for-profit has historically proven to be much more reliant than commercial enterprises, looking back in history compare any charity like the Red Cross to their commercial counterparts. Of course we need funding, yes! And it makes a difference to empower volunteers, donators, and members! That's our mission we believe in!


In the case of GitLab the project won't die with the company because GitLab CE, where 90%+ of the features are, is FOSS and can be sustained by community efforts then.

Companies, volunteering and donations are not mutually exclusive, just think about companies like GitLab as members of the community organized in a better way, if they fail, we are back to volunteering and donations.

@alexl @codeberg To their credit this is more true now than it used to be, as they dropped their CLA a few years ago.

A community where one member has privileged ownership of the whole product isn't really a community.


@codeberg @alexl @mike I have had too many terrible experiences and have seen far too much criminality to want to do anything with most US based companies or form any US based company, but it seems mutual anyway too.

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