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Privacy is ultimately about liberty, while surveillance is always about control

Esther Payne
Back in August 1996 @ietf
thought incredibly carefully about cryptography and the internet. Even back then governments were trying to interfere with the internet with weak cryptography. I love the RFC number. #mathmatics #cryptography #orwell #RFC1984

My worker co-op, Open Data Services, is hiring for two developer roles.

We're employee owned, we work remotely (although UK only), and all the code we write is open source.

See this twitter thread for a summary:

Or go straight to the job ads:
🟣 Data Visualisation Web Developer:
🟣 Python Software Developer:

Instead of std::variant, which produces 100K or more binary bloat each time it is used, it would be far better to have a "union class" (much like enum class) that a c++ compiler directly supports to generate and tracks a c++ specific internal implementation, including a hidden index field. @c_discussions

I'm not a fatalist. Of course, I have my feelings about today, but hopelessness is not one of them. White people have been trying to take us out for a while, and they have failed and instigated their demise in the process.

We do not live in the 50s and 60s, even though old white men and their tokens are trying to legislate like it is. Reactive policy based on hate inherently acknowledges they are
terrified of the direction the world is going and will do everything in their power to stop it.

But the world has changed, and it was and is inevitable. No doubt these hateful fools will fight, but fascism and hate are the best they have, and we see the best they can do.

Keep the pressure up. Keep building community. They don't have any new ideas, so the bulk of their strategy is to attack our hope to make us feel like it's hopeless.

But it's not. Not even close.

This seems a good weekend to do a new release of too. I did an optimized rewrite of the actor dispatch mechanics which also shrunk the executable size by over 25%.

This question is not just a theoretical question, but now is an immediate concern of the Oceti Sakowin, given that South Dakota is a trigger state that has an immediate ban. This is an immediate concern for the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma, and those of us in Idaho, in 30 days, too.

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Unlike in the US, our tribal ran clinics cannot discriminate or refuse care selectively to some. We would and must remain open to outsiders who seek care, too.

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Mitakuye Oyasin,

hello my relations. Today is an interesting day. Of course we celebrate how general "longhair" Custer and the US army was defeated in 1876 this weekend, but we face new challenges too...

For example, what happens when sovereign tribal nations co-resident with a US state banning abortion chose to facilitate providing abortion care on tribal land? I have already brought this kind of question to our tribal council already.

I am disappointed wth header precompile support. At most I see only a 10% improvement in total (user execution) time, but actual build time is longer than before because deeper intertwined dependencies means the ability to execute parallel targets in ninja is actually diminished.

Some who actually know think he is sloppy and stupid; never really learned the trade, but is very good at self promotion. Others suspect he is still living large in his New Zealand mansion because is used as a honeypot. I have known him and I am not sure which is true...

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The problem is if you possess the original document, you can compute the cipher yourself, and then "prove" that the document was uploaded to too. You can also try to force mega to then provide a list of every user who is linked to the document, who it was downloaded by, etc, too. Very nice for tracking whistleblowers sharing (unaltered) files, for example...

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de-dup is simple enough to do. You generate a cipher key from the clear text, typically thru a hash, and then encrypt the document with that key. Since the encrypted content is the same regardless of who uploads, you can use the copy from the first uploader and store it once, rather than having to save each upload uniquely.

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This is not news to me. Long ago I noted had fundamental flaws because they did some hacks to enable de-duping of "encrypted content" at the backend to save storage cost. This also touches upon why I had a patent to correctly do secure encrypted storage of files on insecure backend sites.

It's utterly absurd. I could see http & rest as an internet-reachable rpc and back-end infrastructure mediating middeware logic that is easy to scale for use by real native apps that can also offer real functionality locally. Maybe even grpc would be good for this. But as a carrier of both the data to present and the front-end ui application code? No.

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Why do I want to write front-end apps? What a horrible concept, where a website sends maybe a meg of javascript ui code hacked together from crap in wonky javascript repos and written by regurgitating itself into components that cannot be debugged to run on a massively boated do-everything web browser yet still offering limited ui compared to a native client app that has to support every and all use cases for even a simple web app wanting to present maybe a few K of text and images.

@tychosoft @Mek101 Yes. Too much complexity means things are hard to maintain and it's easier to hand it off to a few experts who will then run everything.

Also I am onboard with deprivatization, provided that this does not mean "the government runs it". Government ownership is not the same as a commons.

"By reframing the debate over the internet not around surveillance, speech, or monopoly, but around the deeper and more fundamental process of privatization, Internet for the People encourages us to think more expansively about how a different kind of internet could function and who it could serve"

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So remote desktop under requires you to be locally logged in to "share" your display session? What a major step backward that is. I loved having xdm services running everywhere where I could just connect and bring up sessions and run feature rich desktop apps from any headless machine on my workstation in a given facility. Thankfully retains even if more distros fall into a wayland sinkhole. I may end up all one day just to be sane.

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