Are there any git hosting services that allow custom domains?

Since I'll be getting off GitHub and don't want to self host, that's a killer feature I'd pay for.

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@tychi What for? I could understand custom domains for email and websites, but not much else.

@sirvertalot to have a single access point for accessing and sharing my code publicly. For example, I've got a dotfiles repo that I started on GitHub and then moved to sourcehut. I need to remember their specific paths to the repo to clone it on a new machine.

If I had, I can guarantee for the rest of my life that's where my repo can be cloned from.

@tychi hmm, I like the idea but I'm not sure it's trivially possible, because it's not just the hostname, it's also the path after the colon that changes. For instance:

So your idea would be to be able to `git clone`? In that case you would probably need a permanently running proxy daemon which speaks the `git://` protocol, I guess.

@tychi ok, now I'm reading up on it ( and it turns out that the git protocol is only for public, read-only access. So you probably want ssh and I don't see a way to rewrite those URIs. Am I missing something?

@stchris @tychi You should be able to configure a subdomain to point to the repo location.

@garritfra @tychi sure, but DNS only gets you so far, unless I'm missing something. You can CNAME to, but not to

@garritfra @tychi the problem is this is not http traffic. when you do `git clone` you probably want `ssh`. At least for pushing.

@stchris @garritfra ah, that makes sense. Probably also explains why services don't offer this, not an easy problem to solve πŸ˜…

@tychi How about setting up a reverse proxy that forwards all requests to something like Codeberg? I think for public repositories it can work. Never tried it myself though

@tychi Would you consider a cheap VPS and a or gitea installation? You could register your custom domain to the VPS (but check if they actually do real backups, and even so mirror your git repos locally just in case).

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