So I've always wanted to be a game dev, but like an indie game dev. I think I finally have an idea I want to build.

Currently thinking a game where players sign in with their fediverse account and can explore the fediverse. To use plain terms, imagine MMO Fedi RPG.

Each instance is like a planet in No Man's Sky. Only residents can build/delete there, like Stardew Valley.
When you're near people, you can chat with them and make new friends.

@cwebber long term, should I be thinking Spritely?

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@tychi Yes, you should absolutely be thinking Spritely for that :)

@tychi @cwebber a while back I had an idea about an interactive fiction game that you could play entirely thru your fediverse client about a pair of kids who are stranded on a sabotaged interstellar flight 800 years in the future and have a device that lets them communicate thru a time-rift to your fediverse account.

@tychi Do you see the anime « Summer Wars » by HOSODA Mamoru ? Could be a good reference 🤓 @cwebber

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