Programming in 2020:

Can't wait to boot up my APPLE to open up my MICROSOFT text editor and GOOGLE for solutions to FACEBOOK's technical debt in my MICROSOFT repository so I can deploy to AMAZON and I'll pay GOOGLE and FACEBOOK for the privilege of getting site traffic to show my visitors ads.

The real joke here: one does not simply boot up a computer to start their workday anymore.

The uptime counter would reset.

@tychi pretty sure you can squeeze some CloudFlare sprinkle in there too.

@bekopharm oh, like when the entire toolchain fails for an hour once a month 🙃

@tychi 400 - Your request looks suspicious or similar to automated requests from spam posting software

@tychi My personal setup:

ASUS laptop
Microsoft OS
JetBrains text editor
Microsoft shared repository
Scaleway hosting
#Friendica social media 👐

@hypolite my personal setup:

Dell xps 9360
Ubuntu Studio
Some owned hardware in a colo with two friends
Several accounts on Mastodon instances 😅

@tychi It's my life goal to avoid all those companies

@ikt very wise goal. I'm trying to cut them all down, but I'm realizing how entangled I am in their web.

I'll break free by the end of year, but whoa is this work to just quit something.

@tychi It's good to see others fighting the good fight! ✊ I've got 2 big ones, Google with Android and of course Reddit. Going to have to wait till Pinephone matures, if ever, I mean I was happy with my Nexus 5x back in 2016, it was my Ubuntu 12.04/Windows 7 moment where I stopped really caring about operating systems so the bar should be reachable, on the other hand is so true for reddit. It's literally a giant comment section for all my favourite topics D:

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