For all the hate the federated timeline gets, it's probably the most human. When you're there at the top, someone somewhere is reaching out to anyone anywhere and for a moment, that's you.

You might not understand them and you might not know what they're going through, but you hear them.

For a moment-- across space --you're united with a stranger in time. That's simply unfathomable.

Spread love.

@tychi Feels like i just switched lanes on the internet by discovering Mastodon😎 What a time to be alive! Sending good vibes and ❤️ From the internet

@happy_stringtime Welcome to the party!

Certain corners can feel like the old ways, but drive in the opposite direction and you'll find cool people.

Ignoring, muting, and blocking are your friend here :)

@tychi Thanks, looking forward to exploring, learning & connecting with people 👌

@aspie4K @tychi @happy_stringtime @pleiades

I'm quite new here, ain't seen no hate yet but I know it's there. But so's the Love. Like you say Spread Love! "I don't understand but I feel it" ❤️

@gud @aspie4K @tychi @happy_stringtime Yess there is so much positive energy at this network, it's awesome.

@gud @tychi @happy_stringtime @pleiades I've only seen love on Fosstodon honestly! Just stay away from the political servers and you'll avoid 99.9999% of the hate on the fediverse.

@aspie4K @tychi @happy_stringtime @pleiades Will do! The world out there makes me political but it's so frustrating. That's why I'm on Fosstodon because I like and respect open source even though I haven't got a clue about creating any. Even if I can't relate to much of the techie stuff people talk about, at least I can see they care and there's hope as we go more into the digital age.

@gud @tychi @happy_stringtime @pleiades you'll learn a lot just from chilling and following all the techie people honestly. I work in tech and I'm still learning new stuff all the time from people here.

@aspie4K @gud @tychi @happy_stringtime What I like about FOSS in particular is that it tends to be a wonderful nexus of brilliant minds and open hearts.

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