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I'm ready to reclaim my music library, and my control along with it.

What are people using to stream their own library to multiple devices and what works well?

I'll probably want to do the same for video at some point, but less urgent. If there's something that solves both, that'd be neat though.

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also boosts for the ^^ above ^^ (or maybe-- vv below vv) would be appreciated for more visibility :)

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@tychi I'm not streaming, but I use Syncthing to sync a lot of stuff (including music) between my devices. Then a conventional music player (usually cmus) to play it.

@tychi Whatever you do, avoid @jetgirl otherwise you'll be convinced in to buying old MP3 players too.

@gray @jetgirl haha, I miss my zune, but i'm so glad it's possible to self-host and get them back up and running again!

I've currently got a mini disc player i'll probably be ripping things to, especially after coming across this:

@tychi I'm using mopidy (mpd) and icecast server-side. And mpc/ncmpcpp and something like mpv/mplayer/vlc client-side.

@tychi You might want to give a try to Jellyfin, it will fill both of your music and video needs.

@tychi I just saw that JellyFin now has a proper android client on android. I'm about to switch to them and leave behind plex.

I just want the ability to resume from where I left off if I move to another client/device.

@tychi and on that note we are working on a NAS for the house so we can access music and video on the lan.

@jetgirl any NAS recommendations? I haven't looked too much into them yet, but they've come up a few times, so I think I should get them on my radar.

@tychi not yet we're still shopping for the hardware, got the drives just need to work out an enclosure etc.

@tychi To add to what others have said, Nextcloud has a music app which lets you stream from your nextcloud server to anywhere (browsers, or nextcloud mobile apps). I have not set it up yet but will do soon.

In the meantime, I copy my library so I have offline access to it on all (both) devices and that has been working.

For streaming within a LAN, I can recommend MPD on a server (RPi is enough) and then many apps can access it πŸ˜€

@tychi ooh boy, only one of the greatest pieces of software:

Basically the idea is that it is a daemon with a server-client model; you tell it where your library is, you tell it where to output (e.g. your speakers, or a network stream) and you're all golden. Then clients can access it and control it.

@mcol @tychi this is starting to sound an awful lot like sonos without sonos?! :ac_amazed:

@stuts @tychi honestly i wouldn't be surprised if sonos used mpd under the hood

@mcol @tychi who knows but would make sense πŸ˜…

Whelp, it's another project added to the list!

@mcol @tychi ^^ this. after moving to client/server music players, i can't go back!

there's also Mopidy, which has an HTTP server by default, and also has extensions (

@tychi So I don't have a recommendation per se, but I like the idea and am interested in what others have to say. What you have done/do you currently do with your library? I'm feeling pretty disconnected from mine myself.

@rest I've fallen into the Spotify complacency for the past decade. Right now I'm looking into setting a budget to support artists on Bandcamp and build an indie library by supporting artists directly.

I'm at the very beginning of my journey still, but this is going to be my first purchase:

@tychi Ah okay, I can relate to this! I spent the first half of this year listening through my Spotify library front to back to clean it up.

I haven't updated it in months, but I used to back everything I bought on Bandcamp up to an external drive with the intent on making my library as portable as possible. It's very out of sync with what's saved on Spotify though so there's a lot of work to be done.

Listening to Endless Summer Nights now - this is groovy.

@tychi video: the king of that is Jellyfin. It works great in combination with Sonarr, Radarr.

Jellyfin also does audio, although there are specialized servers that do a better job at it. Check out this list, it definitely has what you want:

@Matter this is an awesome list! (no pun)

Thanks for sharing it :)

@guneetnarula @tychi Same here, but self-hosted. But then I must be able to understand Docker which is hard for me, especially when I can't run the Docker itself in order to begin πŸ˜‚ But Funkwhale is like Spotify, but self-hosted. It looks so freaking awesome! 😍

@tychi Subsonic/Airsonic + a subsonic capable app do a fine job

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