Mistake I continuously make when working:

Having tabs for both local dev and a test environment open. Making a local change, but reloading the test environment.

Questioning my sanity and competence ensues.

@tychi I literally lost 3 hours of work one day doing that. I was already exhausted and then to realize I wasn't even looking at the right window?

Manly donut tears.

@wholesomedonut @tychi I was able to implement a simple JS check on one site that checked the URL and caused a color style change for anything other than production and really helped the team remember the server they were on.

One line in the end and a lot of saved headaches.

@souldessin @tychi that is beautiful. I'm literally putting this in my dev bible for work. No idea why none of us thought of it :joy:

@souldessin @wholesomedonut well this is brilliant and I need to do it everywhere now. Great work!

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