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For all the hate the federated timeline gets, it's probably the most human. When you're there at the top, someone somewhere is reaching out to anyone anywhere and for a moment, that's you.

You might not understand them and you might not know what they're going through, but you hear them.

For a moment-- across space --you're united with a stranger in time. That's simply unfathomable.

Spread love.

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Eyyy, so to introduce myself.

I'm a minimalist and I like keeping simple things simple.

Been doing web dev for over ten years and I try to avoid dependencies whenever possible. Vanilla CSS with some JavaScript that's lean is better than any framework.

Code itself is technical debt. Less code is less debt.

Hobbies include laying on my couch thinking I should be more productive, writing long winded essays, staring at my always growing pile of books, and trying to find fellow humans online.

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best HN comment i've seen in a while wrt to "free tiers" for *aaS products:

"Free as in 'Free Puppy' not as in 'Free Beer'"


Uncaught Error: The `style` prop expects a mapping from style properties to values, not a string. For example, style={{marginRight: spacing + 'em'}} when using JSX.


Disgruntled Old Man Me:

Back in my day the only property that any attribute would take is a string.


and for fun, this is the line of code that threw the error:

<div style="margin: 0 auto;">

and what it wants me to do is:

<div style={{margin: "0 auto"}}>

how to avoid TypeScript errors when the value is null but the type is a String 


@aral Software developers/designers at Big Tech: "I don't let my kids use their phones after 7pm."

fediverse, pour one out:

thinking, "where are they. i haven't seen any posts in a while, i hope they're okay" and then searching for them only to find their domain is expired and you'll likely never hear from them again.

rip, distant stranger. i hope irl treats you well.

which XMPP clients are people using that have omemo support?

related, Snikket was super easy to setup on a base debian install

battle of the bands

but instead of bands, it's teams of four sharing a single standardized computer over the course of 8 hours trying to build the best version of whatever the predetermined prompt was using whatever the predetermined metric was and awarded whatever the predetermined prize was.

as someone that's worked as a developer and a designer

and as someone that's worked with a lot of developers and designers

developers really have a lot to learn from designers

namely dealing with constructive criticism

like, I can't be as objective in discussing code as I am in discussing designs and here's my take on why:

design is founded on a long tradition of user research

modern development practices are founded on "this has never been done before, cut me a break"

sex is great, but have you ever

<script type="module"></script>

@wizzwizz4 we're both commenting on the "i don't want to do front-end anymore" thread. Not like, with each other though.

what's your take on the article?

I hope this is the best February 9th in 2021 that you ever have.

as a person who works on internet technology and social network stuff my main advice for getting out of a productivity rut is to turn off the internet and social networks for a bit occasionally

@brandur welcome to the fediverse! came across your profile after reading your blog post on blogging with markdown and git. great article.

i'm trying to revive my RSS habits too. what are some of your favorite feeds?

My favorite quote of the evening though:

"It's 'Elizabeth Olsen', not just 'the other Olsen', you dick" with regards to the finer nuances of my take on Wanda Vision so far.

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A Joke 

V is very particular about pictures.

Everything must be just right, down to the pixel.

Today I trimmed my unkempt beard into a pornstache.

We went to her sister's house for the Super Bowl, with her parents; the six of us

Five of us posed for a photo.

We hadn't seen each other since Christmas; even then, we're the only people we see these days.

Anyway, as we smile, "...J is pregnant!"

We celebrate and however the picture develops, V will never forget how terribly I ruined that photo.

Wrote a thing, it's a short thing today and not heavy, I promise:

It's about Chili.

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