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For all the hate the federated timeline gets, it's probably the most human. When you're there at the top, someone somewhere is reaching out to anyone anywhere and for a moment, that's you.

You might not understand them and you might not know what they're going through, but you hear them.

For a moment-- across space --you're united with a stranger in time. That's simply unfathomable.

Spread love.

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Eyyy, so to introduce myself.

I'm a minimalist and I like keeping simple things simple.

Been doing web dev for over ten years and I try to avoid dependencies whenever possible. Vanilla CSS with some JavaScript that's lean is better than any framework.

Code itself is technical debt. Less code is less debt.

Hobbies include laying on my couch thinking I should be more productive, writing long winded essays, staring at my always growing pile of books, and trying to find fellow humans online.

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I wrote this Monday night.

I'm finding I need to put more positivity out onto the internet and the world at large.

I'm firmly against all wars and mortified at the role of technology within them. More so in an age where the planet is connected digitally.

Except it's not connected. It's silo'd. I want to break the silos.

I want everyone to be able to freely communicate in order to end war.

That's why I wrote about the darkness. But I can't anymore: that's not my way.


1. Don't be a downer in replies for no good reason.

2. No unsolicited advice.

3. If someone says something nice to you, boost a post of theirs that you like.

4. If someone is rude/unhelpful/a downer in your replies, block-unblock them to get them off your follower list (or just block them if they don't follow you).

5. Use hashtags sometimes, and when you do, click on them and boost the good stuff to federate it about.

#meta #tootorial

If were were to do a retrospective on security vulnerabilities from Flash compared to modern data breaches...

Was the decision to relentlessly destroy Flash an overreaction?

SVG / D3 Help [SOLVED] 


viewBox is correct
viewbox is incorrect

html parses and is like "i got you bro".
d3 adding dynamically with attr is like "hmmm, not quite sure what you meant by that."

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SVG / D3 Help (boosts appreciated) 

It's been a long time since asking a Stack Overflow question.

Any insight into this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Anyone else so principled that you cannot sign either petition because you don't use GitHub?

Okay, so after a week of this, my grievances:

* looking forward to Alacritty having ligature support. I'm missing Fira Code.

And what's been a pleasure:

Having Alacritty and Qutebrowser side by side, maximizing and minimizing as needed. I can do most of my work like this and if I need to debug, I've got Firefox ready with dev tools open in a different workspace that I jump to.

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i finally figured out my gripe with TypeScript.

It's optimized to be machine friendly and not human friendly.

I'm working on a lightweight library and needed a store. I went to look at the Redux source code to see if my thoughts were tracking.

Diving in, I could not understand it at all, because it's an entirely different language.

I used to be able to read the source code of the web and I just can't anymore because the web is a compile target and not a destination in and of itself.

embarking on a new workflow today:

i've been playing with qutebrowser more and want to make it my daily driver.

i've been using kitty for a while now, but saw alacritty is kinda optimized for vim in tmux which is my default, so I'm gonna give that a whirl as a driver for a couple weeks.

also, if i can figure out how to get qutebrowser to live reload when my static assets change, i'll become unstoppable.

best HN comment i've seen in a while wrt to "free tiers" for *aaS products:

"Free as in 'Free Puppy' not as in 'Free Beer'"


Uncaught Error: The `style` prop expects a mapping from style properties to values, not a string. For example, style={{marginRight: spacing + 'em'}} when using JSX.


Disgruntled Old Man Me:

Back in my day the only property that any attribute would take is a string.


and for fun, this is the line of code that threw the error:

<div style="margin: 0 auto;">

and what it wants me to do is:

<div style={{margin: "0 auto"}}>

how to avoid TypeScript errors when the value is null but the type is a String 


@aral Software developers/designers at Big Tech: "I don't let my kids use their phones after 7pm."

fediverse, pour one out:

thinking, "where are they. i haven't seen any posts in a while, i hope they're okay" and then searching for them only to find their domain is expired and you'll likely never hear from them again.

rip, distant stranger. i hope irl treats you well.

which XMPP clients are people using that have omemo support?

related, Snikket was super easy to setup on a base debian install

battle of the bands

but instead of bands, it's teams of four sharing a single standardized computer over the course of 8 hours trying to build the best version of whatever the predetermined prompt was using whatever the predetermined metric was and awarded whatever the predetermined prize was.

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