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Actually it's fixed ! I searched online for it, and apparently I just had to check the "Force font DPI" in the plasma settings

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Just remember that "Every time you use #encryption, you’re protecting someone who needs to use it to stay alive."

I even have this issue with the display manager

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Help, boosts appreciated

I just updated my installation with and OpenRC. Now, after a turning my computer on again, all fonts displayed in the KDE app menu, toolbars, etc. are terribly big. I tried to reduce the font size, but it doesn't change anything...
I tried to log in via another user, but I have the same issue, so it's not a user-configuration problem.

Anyone here who ran into the same problem ?

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I remember, back in 2018, when I thought that Snapchat was a secure and private messenger app, because "messages disappeared" hmm..

How I setup a repository (in a few steps)

git init
git add LICENSE
git commit -Sm "Initial commit"

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Content without a license is not free content!
We'll now pop-up license reminders in case you forgot to add one and to warn users about legal uncertainty.

Also see

The reminders might look like this:

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Based on a post by @ljwrites it seems that the easiest way we can try to confuse the recent brigading by anti-trans bots is to put "trans-" words somewhere in your bio.

If everyone says "TRANS RIGHTS" in their profile they'll oddly materially be helping trans people on here (100% more effective than thoughts and prayers!)

If you can't handle the bots, though, don't worry and just boost this please! :heart_trans: :heart_trans_black: :boost_requested:

#fediblock #transrights

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We are in solidarity with the protests against the strict Polish Abortion Act during the last week and especially on Saturday, the 6th November.
Distorted ideas of conservative forces must not promote discrimination anywhere in the world.

Want to know what happened?


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How to use Push Notifications in #FluffyChat without Google Service and Firebase Cloud Messaging. This is now possible with just installing the UP-gotify app and without self-hosting anything!

Thanks to @unifiedpush who made this possible!

#matrix #google #microg

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I'm here to join the community. Hoping to create a presence and find a way to contribute.
I've been a passive supporter of open source and free software all my life. I now want to be an active supporter.

Just imagine if was the most popular messaging app... that would be so great !

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Signal is making a part of their server source code proprietary software:

"To keep Signal a free global communication service without spam, we must depart from our totally-open posture and develop one piece of the server in private".

Taking into account it's centralized nature and that they don't allow third party clients, Signal seems to be just as bad as other "privacy" oriented companies.

Leave Signal and join a truly private, decentralized and libre protocol like

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Which mobile client do you use?

Boosts appreciated

I was wondering, how many people here on the /people using stuff still use ?
Because I noticed it is pretty hard to date without it🤣, and it makes me sad that real private messengers are so unknown to other people.

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