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Fediblock, transphobia, misogyny, racism 

Yeah, I'm doing this

The admin of posts transphobic takes, misogynous and racist "memes" that are obviously them expressing their hate.
See screenshots for obvious proof.
Zero tolerance for transphobic, misogynous and racist bullshit.

Probably a single user instance, but one asshole less is still good.

What's better than with a hot cup of when it's dark and rainy outside ? :blobcatheart: 🍡

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§Historical moment: EU Parliament calls for a full ban of dystopian #BiometricMassSurveillance and #FaceSurveillance in Europe!
Implement the ban now, and!

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[boosts appreciated]

Hi! We made a and it would be really helpful for us if you shared it/participated to it:

That ghost is my mastodon name is so cute that I think I'll keep it after october

Is there a way to access all my toots, and sort them by dates/number of favorites/number of boosts and stuff like that?

I’m new here, and apparently an is in order, so here we go! I’m Graham, I work at Oxford Uni on free software (, I stream with @srbaker on GNUstep ( and Amiga (, and I blog at and Happy to be part of Fosstodon!


People have been asking me questions today:

"yesterday, facebook was down, what did i do?"

and I said: "I used mastodon, xmpp and matrix...".

these astonished eyes of theirs. .

augmented reality? as if reality wasn't bad enough, they want to augment it further...

Today is @fsf's birthday and what a greater gift than Facebook shutting down?

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