I'm just drinking tea and doing nothing while sitting on my bed, and it's really relaxing. :blobcathappy:

looks like the error I had wasn't a bug and is actually intentional

Microsoft made it so the python/pylance extension will crash on open source vscode builds, for no reason other than to push people towards their proprietary builds (the extension worked perfectly before)

Microsoft ❀️ Open Source

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

SoundTouch, a library which both Mixxx and Tenacity depend on, got banned from GitLab.com (gitlab.com/soundtouch/) without explanation which broke vcpkg builds for Mixxx. I emailed the maintainer and he followed my suggestion to move it to Codeberg: codeberg.org/soundtouch/soundt

@fdroidorg @Google they always do that to FLOSS apps that promote decentralization. I hate google

Hey @Google @GooglePlayDev,

It has been well over 2 weeks (September 27th) since you suspended F-Droid Nearby for "impersonation".

We have provided proof that we are F-Droid and want our app reinstated that same day.

The "up to 7 days" review time has long passed.

Please reinstate our app. Thanks.

Appeal ID: 5-7048000032075

#imagepipe removes exif data and modifies images to reduce size before sharing.

The app has an apk size of only 356 kiloBytes.

It it downwards compatible to #android 4.0 and also has been successfully tested to work well with display sizes as low as #qvga (320x240 pixels only).

#imagepipe is available at #fdroid and you can visit the project homepage at #codeberg:


I removed analytics from my website :P

Was messing around with my goatcounter account and decided to just get rid of that lol

@menelkir @lig That's basically how to lose:
- Battery
- Time (at boot)

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