I really hate that. Like, REALLY. I want a messaging app, not a bullshit wallet.

@twann Yet another reason why I really don't want to use Signal then 😂

@edgren yeah, I only use it because some of my friends use it really 🤢

@twann Ok 😕 Don't the want to use your messaging app of choice?

@edgren well,I already managed to convince some of them to leave WhatsApp, and don't think that they are ready to use something like XMPP

@twann Good 🙂 Na, true. XMPP are very hard to love. It's easier to convince people to join Telegram, though 😁

@edgren sure, but Telegram isn't E2E, and the server's software is proprietary and that's sad

@twann If you don't like cloud chats[1] and want to use Telegram some day in the future, use secret chats[2] 🙂 Problem solved.


@edgren yeah, I know that feature. However, it's not available for group chats or on the desktop client (which is a shame).
And the server software is still closed source and centralized.

@twann True, but they are working on adding secret chat for Linux, Windows, and macOS. They also plan to let people create secret groups (E2EE like secret chats). I read this in a message from Pavel Durov himself in his group or channel (can't find it right now).

Yeah, unfortunately MTProto's source code are closed, but for good reason[1]. Telegram might be self-hosted in the future[2].


@edgren I think there isn't a "good reason" not to publish the server's source code.
And it still requires a phone number to sign up, which is a privacy nightmare.

@twann When it comes to Russia that wants to get an hold on MTProto to be able to control the Russian citizens, it is a very good reason!

Pavel Durov fled Russia because Putin had sent a SWAT group to get him because of they had no control over VKontakte[1].

I have read a lot about Telegram and a little less about Pavel Durov. And the more I read about Telegram and the plans Pavel have for it, the more I love it.

Yeah, the phone number requirement are a minus.


@twann can be a valid or better alternative, depending on the situation/needs

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