Help, boosts appreciated

I just updated my installation with and OpenRC. Now, after a turning my computer on again, all fonts displayed in the KDE app menu, toolbars, etc. are terribly big. I tried to reduce the font size, but it doesn't change anything...
I tried to log in via another user, but I have the same issue, so it's not a user-configuration problem.

Anyone here who ran into the same problem ?

I even have this issue with the display manager

Actually it's fixed ! I searched online for it, and apparently I just had to check the "Force font DPI" in the plasma settings

@GirthyChode @ScumbagDog I'm using KDE because I was tired of GNOME/Budgie and I wanted to try something new. I think my next choice is going to be bspwm, probably with Alpine or Artix again.
Btw, my pronouns are they/them ;)

@twann I think it's related to Xorg updating to version 21.

@jb that's possible. Do you have any idea about how I can fix that on SDDM?

@joeligj12 @jb for me, using KDE, checking the "force font DPI" worked, but I'm still having the issue in SDDM. If you don't use KDE, I don't know, sorry :'(

@twann Having this problem today as well with some @kde updates on #Arch

@twann do you have an Nvidia GPU? If so it could be a driver thing, I've had something like that before

@robots yep, but I use the nouveau driver instead of the proprietary nvidia one

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