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I was wondering, how many people here on the /people using stuff still use ?
Because I noticed it is pretty hard to date without it🤣, and it makes me sad that real private messengers are so unknown to other people.

@twann I'm very much aware of other, better messengers. I'd like to use Session. But the people I want to talk to are on Whatsapp, so, what do you do?
I draw the line at Facebook itself, however.

@andy_twosticks i managed to convince my friends to move to signal, but it is hard when I meet new people, because they often don't use Signal

Hi @twann,
I managed to get all my family members on @threemaapp, and use occasionally #signal for less regular exchanges. A group of friends of mine and I are also using #olvid (not really mature, though).
But I know that most of my contacts kept #whatsapp when I left it.
I also have @session installed but I still have no contacts there 🙄. More to see how it evolves.

@twann still using it everyday unfortunately. Convinced my parents and bf to use signal but other than that, very few people are using that here.

@twann I use whatsapp for the same reason i use facebook... Everyone else uses it and I need to stay in touch.

That said if I were exclusively in the USA I'd have no need for whatsapp. Few people in the USA have whatsapp simply because it isnt used much.

@freemo @twann the downside here is that everyone uses iMessage exclusively so you either have to get an iPhone or use sms.

@Casinoslcohol @freemo well I would rather use sms than buying an expensive closed-source and privacy-unfriendly device


In practice so would I. But most people in europe refuse to use SMS for the cost so the problem is there regardless of what I want.


@twann I still use whatsapp because too many people use it here

@twann I think the hardest thing about quitting WA are the group chats. People that care about you can move to Signal or Threema or anything other, but not necessarily entire groups because of one person.

@twann Quickly dropped WhatsApp after it got bought by Facebook.

@telroy You’re the wisest! Wish I’d dropped it sooner than I did.

@twann During a very long time Whatsapp was the only nonfoss app that I had.

@twann Folks, let us know which "real private messengers" you use daily. I personally use #Nextcloud Talk with my team on a daily basis, but I doubt it can rank as an alternative to #WhatsApp.

@biguenique oh, and I forgot . It is probably the most secure messenger as it doesn't even need an internet connection to work

@biguenique @twann Nextcloud Talk, Telegram, Signal and eventually SMS as fallback.

@biguenique @twann

My family is still using #Wire, mainly because it's the only #FOSS app I could find with #encryption that wasn't some weird, reinvent the wheel type thing, along with a decent interface my older family members could understand. Sadly, Wire appears to have turned evil, so now I'm prepping to make the jump to #Matrix on #Yunohost 3.4, with a self hosted #Synapse and no external identity server. I'm keeping an eye on #XMPP via #Snikket, too.

@Blort @twann @biguenique #Matrix has a #Cloudflare website which is a big red flag. It immediately calls into the question the competency and ethics of that project. #Snikket looks more on the ball.

Yes, and for the sake of completeness, a person using I2PD (as opposed to I2P) lacks the ability to host their own service/site, lacks the native torrenting client and other nice things.

@koherecoWatchdog @Blort @twann @biguenique

@icedquinn @dsfgs @Blort @Br0m3x @biguenique @koherecoWatchdog @twann anything that speaks i2cp is a fully capable i2p router, i2pd has implemented that for at least several years now.

Maybe we had the wrong idea when we but out of the box it doesn't do things that I2P does.

If we are mistaken though that's cool. Its been some time since we brushed up on i2pd to be frank.
@twann @koherecoWatchdog @biguenique @Blort @Br0m3x

@dsfgs I2P is the garlic router, though the upstream java has some batteries included.

I2PD also does the garlic routing, you have to bring the software yourself.

there is an i2p equivalent of the tor browser bundle which iirc ships i2pd now, it's much lighter weight since it doesn't need a jvm to run

@twann @koherecoWatchdog @biguenique @Blort @Br0m3x
@Blort @biguenique @twann yeah, I should also do that.

I tried many, many app (Session, Briar, Threema, Signal and a lot more).

Currently on Olvid who's supposed to be E2E encrypted but stay centralised (Jami seem to be decentralised though).

@twann they are only unknown to others if you keep using them. Once you stop all of a sudden everybody slowly is coming back on signal. But there is just no incentive to change for many if you keep whatsapp.

@claus yeah, I agreey that's why I don't use it :)

@claus This. You can’t move all of your contacts from Whatsapp at once, or even at all. But those who care enough to stay in touch will eventually come around and start using whatever alternative you decide to go with.

When it comes to dating, just say you’re not on Whatsapp. You’ll come off as a cool kid :P


@twann not deliberately. 80% of the people in the republic of Ireland are on Whats app so that make it difficult to change the mind of those people who are already stubborn...

@twann for instance if I want to visit an house virtually during the covid or doing anything they always contact your by whats app. You can try to make them switch to signal as hard as you can and they will become angry lol.

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