So, it looks like the new Windows is out there.

It still doesn't use the Linux kernel. What a shame!

@twann @lig windows can't run a linux program, wsl is just a fancy hypervisor

@menelkir @lig I know, I meant you can run Linux on Windows without having to install virtualbox or vmware.
In my opinion this feature only reveals how toxic Microsoft is against the Linux community. M$ hopes with wsl that Linux users will switch to Windows

@twann @lig you still have to install all the hypervisor chimichangas on windows to WSL happens 😂 And actually, wsl is even worse than virtualbox, the network stuff like the "disk shares" have a dreadful performance.

@twann @lig I never understood the hype on WSL, people loves because they don't need to actually install a linux on hypervisor and that's all (you can download already installed VMs for virtualbox too), because it's exactly what it is. And to make things worse, imagine virtualbox loading and turning on your vms on every time you boot.


@menelkir @lig That's basically how to lose:
- Battery
- Time (at boot)

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