Devs who are hosting their projects on should allow people to report issues with an alternative way (by email for example).

Because I can't contribute to project I like because I don't want to create an account on a fucking service. I already have an account on @codeberg and it is fine for me. And I think other people have the same problem.

Wow honestly I am impressed by the amount of boosts and reactions to this toot.😂😁

By the way, if you are replying, please don't mention @ codeberg, because I feel guilty for the amount of notifications my toot is generating for them.😅😬

@twann @codeberg I'll say something as noob as pure is snow, so please correct me whatever is wrong, but isn't git a common backend? Would it be that hard to implement something like a "federation", Fediverse-like, between different version control services? I guess that's not a thing right now, is it? :P

@sakkara @codeberg I think some people had the project to do it with . But Github is never gonna do it in my opinion. It would be like asking them to make their code open-source.

@twann @codeberg But maybe just opening their *hosted* repos for, say, pull requests and so on, via, dunno, git? I know one can access third party services with a GitHub account, may this not work the other way around? Sorry if this sounds too naive but you know, I'm just a noob trying to figure things out... ;)

@sakkara @codeberg it would be great, indeed. But sadly, Github wants to make profit because they are a business company. So they wouldn't do that, because then less people would register an account on their service.

@twann @codeberg Ah, I was expecting something like that, you won't let me maintain my naivety on such things as Big Enterprises and their profits. XD I guess we need more people -at least- forking or better, migrating their projects to open sites like Codeberg then? I for one will maintain my repos there, I know it's no big deal but hey. ;)

@sakkara I think Pagure does that, but the PR must be made by someone from the instance (I didn't try it, though).

@twann @codeberg

Yes, @sakkara, and it’s called git-send-email. Linux, PostgreSQL are some popular projects that follow this federation model. More recently there’s also which integrates CI/CD with mailing lists and enables normal developers to enjoy modern workflows while does not try to lock in contributors.

GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, Gitea, etc. however invent their own mechanisms where Git’s role is barely a Merkle DAG storage. @dachary is working on @fedeproxy to work around this by applying ActivityPub (among other things) on top of those services though.

@cnx Makes sense, and I'm happy to see my blind guess about Fedi-like federation on version control services being not totally wrong. ;) This is a lot of useful information for a noob git user, thanks! :)

@cnx There actually is a WIP interface that aims to somewhat mimic the experience of Websites like Gitlab and Gitea with a Fediverse implementation (a addon for Activitypub to be exact)but idk if it's still in development.


The site location is at and their repo is no longer on Github.

The #fedeproxy project has stimulated an initiative to federate #Gitea with ForgeFed (using #gofed libraries), and funding is available for interested devs.

@twann @codeberg indeed, even some core developers of widely known FOSS projects are Microsoft slaves - they ignore bug reports that are directly emailed to them

@thorn @twann @codeberg That's assuming they receive those bug reports in the first place. If they are using something like GMail, those messages likely just disappear without a trace in the "anti-spam" system.
And that's why web-based bug report tools are so popular...

@twann It's always a good idea to allow other ways of contributions, like email, too 😉

@Craftplacer @amolith that's why I said "should". I don't want to force or hurt anyone.

Is creating an account on dev's self-hosed git forge ok for you though?

@inexcode well, in my opinion, every developer should provide an alternative option to report issues, independently from the platform they use.

@pj @codeberg gitlab is better than github, because it's simply not run by . Anyway, in my opinion, every developer should provide an alternative way to contribute to the project.
I personally don't like GitLab ( because it belongs to a for-profit organization, which I don't trust (that's my opinion because I don't like capitalist corporations). But I really like self-hosted gitlab instances like .
(My favorite is anyway)

@twann @codeberg Microsoft accounts should not be a requirement to partake in any project's culture. I think an email option isn't enough for all developers to feel fully part of such a culture.

Github serves their portfolio, where paying employers are looking. When many on board of a free software project made the choice to stay with Microsoft for the career benefits, they steer the culture in Microsoft's direction, unwilling to debate the position this puts others in.


I have also noticed that there are programmers on github who only allow PULL REQUESTS and not ISSUES.

@mondstern that's sad because it is like excluding users that don't know the programming language used in the project from contributing.


@mondstern @twann I only open the issues on projects that I am paid to maintain; otherwise it's PRs only.



you only get something if you hold out your hand - that's not what this was about.



@mikeburns @mondstern in my opinion, the problem with that is that if an user finds an issue, but that they don't know how to code, they can't contribute or report the issue, which could be a vulnerability/security flaw.


@twann @mondstern yup, that could be a problem, though I have yet to get a security report via the public issue tracker in any project I've maintained.


@mikeburns @mondstern you are right on that point I agree

@twann @codeberg yeah

people from Iran for instance can't collaborate…

@meena @twann @codeberg You can often get maintainer emails easily enough from the git logs of the project, if you want to try submitting a patch that way. Lots of devs will also need a link to instructions on how to use a patch, though..

@seachaint @twann @codeberg yeah, we just moved the project off github 🤷🏻‍♀️

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