I wonder what happens if I run tar -cf idk.tar /dev/null

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@twann You probably get an archive with a single zero-byte file in it.

@twann the easiest way is probably too try it out 😁

$ tar -cf idk.tar /dev/null
tar: Removing leading '/' from member names
$ wc -c idk.tar
10240 idk.tar

when looking inside it with 7zip, it contains a folder "dev" which contains a file "null" of size 0 bytes and permissions "crw-rw-rw-"

I only knew about '-' and 'd' at the beginning of the file permissions. After seeing 'c' here I learned something new today.
@Johann150 @twann

@alexbuzzbee @twann @Johann150 since you guys are done with /dev/null, time to try with /dev/urandom πŸ˜‚

@menelkir @twann @Johann150 Files that read forever are not a great idea for this... 😬

@menelkir @alexbuzzbee @Johann150 it does the exact same thing except the file in the archive is called "urandom" and not "null"

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