One of my best friend is tired of Windows, so I conviced her to install on her laptop. Which should I recommend to her ? (Knowing that she has no experience with Linux)

@twann the one that you know and use, because it'll very likely be you doing tech support in the beginning

@derp Arch is not the best distro for beginners, that's the problem.
And Manjaro could be fine, but updates sometimes break the system :/

@twann "not the best distro for beginners" is a technical point of view, while "my friend with zero Linux experience" is a social situation. You don't want your friend to bump into a rude random Linux elitist when seeking help, do you? So provide that support yourself instead. Obviously, support something that you are familiar with.

@derp oh yeah, of course I'm gonna help my friend to understand how Linux works and everything. I just think it's maybe better for her to start with a distribution that has a pre-installed DE, for example, and where she does not have to install the whole system manually.

I always recommend LinuxMint or UbuntuMate to windows users.

@twann Linux mint is a great distro. Its even easy to install software with the software center that works all the time.

@twann I would honestly go with Ubuntu. They have arguably one of he largest communities and even if you don't agree with all of their decisions and their policies, they wouldn't be stuck with a random Manjaro/Arch Linux problem.

@rohkostmett Yes, that's right, I think I will go for Ubuntu (or Linux Mint), even if I don't really like Canonical

@twann You could always decide to use pop_os if you want to be able to tap into Ubuntu's user base but want to use something else just to spite Canonical.

@twann I would suggest Pop!_OS. The familiarly of Ubuntu and slickness of Pop!_OS.

@twann Fedora or Ubuntu are good starting points, that are quite user friendly. Even Mint is a great starting point. However, for the most pain and most "real" experience... LSF

@twann Depending on their use-case I would actually consider Fedora Silverblue. Mainly due to the fact that the base-system is immutable and updates either work fine, or are rolled-back, making it a lot harder to break the system (not that this was ever a problem users were unable to solve).

The community is nice and friendly, and it should be a lot easier on your mind, to let them tinker with the system :)

Pro tip: Don't set the system up for them. Set it up with them :blobfoxwinkmlem:

@sheogorath ooh yeah Fedora is a great idea ! Of course, I will set up the system with her, that's better :)

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#Debian ist boring but it is stable und doing his job unexicitedly (i am using it)
#mint is more up to date
But ask her with which desktop she is comfortable. For a beginner i would not recommend #Arch. I think is always a good place to start. Good luck

@twann Mint Xfce, the basic setup is very nice for #Windows Migrants and really most of the stuff you need is already there and works out of the box. Also it comes with a not to old kernel to even support latest hardware, while working well with olter HW too.
@twann I recently tried Debian and Arch on my new Lenovo thinkpad and then ended up with Mint again... it just works well.

@twann fyi there is which lets her try it before installing. It is a bit slow tho.

@huy_ngo I know that website, but I prefer booting from an usb key for testing a system without having to install it, I think that's what we are gonna do, my friend and me

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