Everything now looks more beatiful to my eyes now, just like ib the elementery school, ~5 years ago

Today i am feeling so calm that my eyes got a bit moisty this morning. Its like the days i didn't had adhd or i was in village was very calm with that hot dry breeze

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wordpress just bought tumblr and already mentioned plans to open source it! they will move the backend of tumblr.com onto wordpress.

btw i can type my password only with lifting my finger three times from my keyboard!

What if had to sign a contract with the devil when humanity is in danger of disappearing.
Telling us we neither cease to exist but all known cease to exist
or humans guaranteed to survive but all known information removed
people would select second option in hopes of new humans discovering new informations, but why would devil allow this to happen?

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Information, i just realised its the most valuable thing for humans. If you ask a religious man there is a way to prove god exist, they might and been accepted death.
its 3 am here, what do you expect?
I thought about telling this to my relatives, this is a very good example.

people would spend power to fit information to others minds and they did.

wouldn't it be cool if @LibreOffice switch to english language with a shortcut so we can set the settings from internet easily

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please help my dreams of becoming a part time RMS and buy me this laptop (with 8GB of RAM and 500 gig SSD)

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