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Catch-up with @kyle at the LinuxFest Northwest on April 24. His talk will explore how he uses OpenSnitch on his mobile Linux device. Apps have a bad habit of snitching on their owners. While this is a much bigger problem on Android and iOS, it's still valuable to detect when apps phone home on Linux. Get the details:

Happy easter everyone! 🐰 While we can't ship everyone chocolate, we can release some new updates for the stable branch. So here's v21.12 SP4 with one new device, a bunch of kernel upgrades, backports of tweaks + powersupply and a lima workaround:

Finally finishing the new Login UX/UI for FluffyChat. This includes a new list of homeservers to pick which is loaded from stays as the default in the textfield for now until we found a solution how to make the user enter the same homeserver in it on a relogin situation without f*cking him up... 😄

The new gnome control center is faaast when you have gpu accel

In about thirty minutes my first video in over six months will premiere:
Unboxing the PinePhone Pro Explorer Edition

Found a way to have almost zero-latency, wireless video streaming on a virtual secondary screen, i.e.: using a mainline Linux tablet (with working GPU) as a portable second screen for your Linux desktop.

The amazing (review next week!) is seen here for this purpose

A very first unboxing of the Tablet, the first open-hardware Raspberry Pi 4-powered handheld by the Taiwan/Japan-based open hardware startup.

This device is based on a CM 4 (2GB RAM in our sample), and sports fully open-hardware, and easy to replicate, board design, which incorporates a HD screen, 5MP camera and several other sensors, all enclosed in a solid chassis.

An in-depth review will arrive in the next weeks, as soon as I manage to get rid of some other work!

experimenting with system gestures, and preview of some plasma mobile 5.24 features

Modules like #SPIflash are really important to achieve the goal we've set at #postmarketOS: device support for 10 years and more. Once a device is fully mainlined and can boot using a generic #UEFI image we no longer have to put any effort in supporting this particular device. Everything will "just work". Just like no distro put any effort in making it boot with my particular desktop and laptop.

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Welcome Twitter friends! This is a Mastodon instance ( ) owned and self-hosted by free software enthusiasts (@fosstodon).

Mastodon is a federated ("decentralized"), open-source network that has been around for many years, and powers very active, independent communities on essentially all kinds of topics.

It does not enforce weird crypto, and is among the most sustainable and private platforms around. The only ⬡hexagons⬡ here are cute, harmless ASCII

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